Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest - page 12

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Participate in our February 2013 Caption Contest! Winner gets $100! Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. Caption... Read More

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    "The elusive patient is no match for the tenacious nurse, who zeroes in on her prey."
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    At least it's not a prostate exam!
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    Keep running, it's a 32g insulin needle and your glucose is still HHH
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    Pt ambulated to mother's lap, gait steady, diaphoretic, binkie placed PRN.
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    Ain't nobody got time for that
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    Sir, this is just a pen, let me show you it writes with ink, now come back so I can finish this discharge please.
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    My turn to stick it to you tonight!
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    "There's a big overgrown baby in all of us."
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    nothing like a little cardio to start my day
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    I said. 'You're going to feel a LITTLE stick.'!