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Top 10 - You Decide Who Wins Defining Moments / Nursing Career Article Contest

  1. 6 Four Writers Will Win A Total Cash Value of $600!

    Select your favorite articles from the list below ... Yes, you may select more than 1 article.

    The 4 articles with the most votes will each win $150!!!

    Thanks to all our writers. This has been a very successful quarter!

    Visit 2012 Article Contest 3rd Quarter for the contest rules

    Direct links to articles for your enjoyment:

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  2. Poll: Help select the winners for this article contest...

    • Psych Nursing: A unique field of nursing.

      30.19% 16
    • Malaysia: "Please, help my son! He is dying!"

      18.87% 10
    • The Power of Being Empathetic Towards Those in Need

      11.32% 6
    • Little Brother

      28.30% 15
    • Who knew? My defining moment was on my first day!

      11.32% 6
    • Surviving Nursing School: Possibly the most difficult endeavor of your life!

      22.64% 12
    • It Goes Both Ways

      15.09% 8
    • My buddy Joe

      30.19% 16
    • Nursing School Orientation!

      11.32% 6
    • A Child Can Change Everything

      13.21% 7
    53 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    Wow what a great bunch of articles this time, very good stuff! Hard to choose
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    Wow, this is neck in neck and coming down to a nose...lovely articles..
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    Congratulations to all the winners!!..
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    ^_^ --- feel good being chose as 10 ten article : thanx.
    will participate more in the future
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    that was one of my favorites
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    Thanks to Brian, Joe, and the rest who organized this contest and encouraged us to share our nursing stories. Hopefully, this contest will be even more popular in the future. The articles were great; we could either identify with the situations, or we learned by the experiences of others.
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    This was a great contest this time around- thanks to all that voted. I know my buddy Joe would be proud I enjoyed reading all the articles. Has anyone received anything in their paypal account yet?
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    Not, yet, jaelpn! It took a while last time to get the deposit; I suspect Brian is pretty busy with this site and his 'real' job!
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    Sorry about that ... Brian is away on business for the next few days. Please email me on Monday if you don't hear from him.
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    Sorry, I'll handle this tonight, I dropped the ball!