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    That was very well said. Sometimes we have so many things we need to say and no safe way to say them and no safe person to hear them. AN is a safe place to vent, ask questions, and make friends of other nurses who walk the walk with us. We give so much more than we take and sometimes there is very little left for us and our loved ones that they feel shortchanged. By talking it out here, we give each other that bit of encouragement in a network full of like minds. Praise to all here who take the time to listen, share and offer advice. Thanks for your time. You are important to me.
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    I am in my early thirties and am finishing up my prereqs at San Jacinto College. I love how this site encourages people to achieve their dreams. I am scared as I am a older adult going back to school with those teens but I have to be a nurse. I always wanted to be but was never focused when I was younger. I partied a lot back then and cared less about my education. I am currently concentrating on becoming a LVN first and then after I finish will concentrate on a RN. Any suggestions on colleges within Texas that have a good LVN program and possibly not so competitive!
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    I wish allnurses allowed people to link their blogs. I love reading about nursing schools and nursing from individual's point of views. If links were allowed on here it would make it easier to find them.

    Otherwise I really like this website. So many great people and resources!
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    I love this site. It's full of information and very helpful.
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    It's the best nursing forum for everyone in the nursing field. Questions you want while waiting for that call hold on your state's BON... Is probably here.
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    I love this site...but i would like to know if i can advertise a very usefull product and how each can view its effectiveness
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    Here ya go:....... Advertising with
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    @nursepoo63 - check out our nursing student assistance forum... Nursing Student Assistance
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    I like your website, just wish more practicing nurses would speak up. I know that we are all very busy, depending on your area of specialty, mine is Telemetry. I am busy most of the time, but still...
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    I love Allnurses! I am so grateful to have a place where i can go during numerous different times of my nursing career to get advice, ask questions, read others stories going through the same things i am, etc. I've always come here when needed: when i was considering enrolling in nursing school, throughout nursing school, before NCLEX, after NCLEX, while seeking my first job, starting my first job, etc.. I can only imagine that i will be coming back many many more times in the future. This site has opened my eyes to many different specialties i didn't even know existed, as well as given me confidence in myself that i am not alone. The only problem i have is: IM ADDICTED! Lol, whenever i have free time, i check allnurses. My boyfriend always tells me im addicted and he's right! Im so grateful for this outlet, and to those who help to keep it open for the thousands of future nurses and students to come to. There are so many things i would not know if not for allnurses. Thank you!

    p.s. I check it out so often, that i'm often disappointed when i log on only to see that i've already read most of the posts!! I hope it continues to grow and grow, and I encourage others to continue or start to post often. I love reading other point of views, and it has truly taught me alot about what kind of nurse i want to be, and how to get there.
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