Nursing Article Contest! - Win Holiday Cash - ends Dec 15th

  1. every nurse has a story or two to tell. why not share some of your good stories with others and maybe win some extra spending money along the way!

    don't feel that you have to be a professional writer, we want real nursing stories from the trenches, from the heart, from funny memories, or anything nursing related. the stories only have to be 400 words long. (more details below) article contest

    you may write about anything nursing related - it could be technical, funny, or personal. is available for nurses by nurses. it's a place where you can learn, communicate, and network with more than 460,000 nurses. you can learn more about nursing, find tips on learning and networking, hear personal stories, and/or discuss day-to-day nursing activity. article contest entries should be submitted in the submit a nursing article section.

    [font=trebuchet ms] article contest
    you may write about anything that is non-nursing (off-topic). it could be your funniest moment, a how-to article, the greatest moment in your life, politics, finance - anything. is available for everyone to discuss non-nursing (off-topic) subjects such as family, politics, entertainment, and much more. article contest entries should be submitted in the submit a general article section.

    there are no restriction - we just ask that the tone and article content complies with our rules and tos.

    we will select 3 winners from and 3 winners from

    each contest will have the following prizes:
    1st place: $250
    2nd place: $125
    3rd place: $75
    plus, all winners are also automatically upgraded to platinum membership. (a $60 value)

    that's a total of $1,260 in prizes!!!

    contest ends december 15th. winners will be announced by december 16th, 2010.


    • articles must have a minimum of 400 words.
    • articles must be submitted between oct 1st - dec 15th, 2010 11:59 pm est.
    • no plagiarism - your article must be written in your own words.
    • articles will be reviewed by staff for consideration before displaying publicly.

    note: you may submit multiple articles. there are no restrictions on how many times you can win.

    previous article contest winners

    thank you for making and a success!
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  3. by   susan janea
    I am glad to finally be registerd on this. There is so much good information, and I am thrilled to read more.
  4. by   steven007
    So I apparently won but cannot reply to the message asking me to submit my email? Can someone help?
  5. by   newtress
    I haven't seen any anouncement of any of the winners. How do we get to find out who won for the and allnurses central?
  6. by   Brian
    Hi newtress,

    Thanks for asking this question. I usually try to update this thread with the results, we actually posted the results several hours ago, here is the link:

    4th Quarter Article Contest Results - Nursing for Nurses

    Hope that helps!
  7. by   newtress
    Thanks much for posting the link!

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