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    We are overwhelmed with the responses since we started our Nursing Article contests back in December of 2007. Not only do we have nurses writing articles, but the feedback we are getting from nurses and nursing students are very positive - Kudos to everyone!

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Thanks to everyone who has submitted articles.

    Latest feedback we are getting:

    I couldn't believe I cried!
    Remove the articles they are addictive!
    I was surprised how personal some articles were - I just love it.
    Stop! Stop! Stop! My coworkers are asking me why I'm crying.
    As a student, these articles are an inspiration.
    We've had many wonderful articles, why not share your wonderful nursing knowledge?

    Why Submit An Article?
    1. To share knowledge
    2. To express life experiences
    3. To interact with others
    4. To be recognized by peers
    5. And last but not least - to win cash prizes and more.

    Below is a list of our previous nursing article contest winners:

    July 2010
    1. Dear Nursing Student
    2. To my preceptor, future students beware (rant)
    3. How I passed the NCLEX on the first and second try!
    1. Divorcing the divorce
    2. Why I don't eat chicken
    3. Not just a regular car fire

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    We welcome and strongly encourage all members to submit nursing articles! it's wonderful to get such a diverse collection of articles from around the globe!
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    Updated with recent contest winners.