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March 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! - page 2

Participate in our March 2013 Caption Contest and win $100! Good afternoon nurses. Your mission is to provide a caption to the cartoon below. You may submit as many captions as you wish. ... Read More

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    Don't worry, having a female boss won't be that bad.
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    How can I put this... Frequent flatulence is a BIG turnoff to the nurses here!
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    I'm sorry Bob, but you're floating to psych...
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    "not wearing white after labor day rule doesn't apply to nursing students,"so don't even mention it".
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    It wasn't that awkward. I just made conversation like there was absolutely no lack of I'm doing now.
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    I asked my patient why he was eating an entire can of re-fried beans, the only answer I got was "revenge".

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    There's no need for him to do the walk of shame. We both know what went down in there.
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    Bill, bad choice to wear white. The patient in 223 has been projectile vomiting all night.
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    Yeah... I wasn't really listening when our preceptor told us that. Oh well, we'll see how this goes.
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    Leo: Why are you so worry about the blackout at the Med-Surg floor? Irma: Because they are going to mandate us to work double shift for all med-surg patients while we get power back on to the building. Leo: I know it is not funny, but at least we are getting the work done and we are getting compensated for that.
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    OMG you've just got to have the biggest nose I've ever seen. I mean, can you fit a mask over that, doesn't it get in the way?

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    No, I am the nurse and you are the psych patient. Can't you tell the difference from our outfits?
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    Really Dr. you want to order what?