9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

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    New Caption Contest - All you have to do is create a winning caption.

    You may submit as many captions as you wish. You have 1 week to achieve your objective. Follow the easy rules below.

    Winner will WIN $100!

    Caption Contest Rules

    To qualify for the prize money and fame, your caption must be posted here in this thread on allnurses.com.

    A poll will appear next week so you can help us select the winner from the top 8 captions.

    We welcome everyone to participate! Join allnurses.com! It's Free!

    Share and tell your friends, family, and co-workers to join the fun!

    Don't forget to click LIKE.

    UPDATE: We have chosen the top 8 captions.

    Vote for your favorite - Top 8 Captions - Help select winner in 9th Nursing Caption Contest
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    She's "in the zone". I don't think I would interrupt her if I were you.
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    Work related stress has gone down since we put in these punching bags. Now if we could get the nurses back on the floor and away from the punching bags, we'll be set.
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  5. 10
    I know the punching bag was installed to help us de-stress, but she has been in here for 3 days straight...
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    Is that really the Head nurse?
  7. 2
    Those floating nurses have to stay in shape for the amount of time they spend running from the wrong room to the right room.
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    Management orginally installed those for patient usage but the staff wont share.
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  9. 11
    "let's take a vote; she picturing the doctor's face, or the patient's?"
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    Well, it sure beats lateral violence...
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  11. 3
    Looks like we found the patient that escaped from the psych floor.. But where is the nurse that was once wearing those scrubs?
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