9th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 5

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  1. by   CallieNM
    "This is the result of denying access to Allnurses.com"
  2. by   Galaxy1
    She gave one Vicodin to a patient and now she is exercising her arms to document it in 6 different places.
  3. by   afrinurse
    I think she misunderstood when I told her the patient might need another hit of morphine...
  4. by   Cfmom3
    Which doctor's face do you think she sees on the bag?
  5. by   afrinurse
    The hospital told her she needed to be a B.S.N. in order to get promoted. Later she was rambling about "boxing-skilled nurses"?
  6. by   3yeardiplomarn
    "It appears she misunderstood me when I said , 'Prepare for Patient Rounds'."
  7. by   cienurse
    She's a student nurse.......she's preparing for the battle of finding a job when she graduates!
  8. by   born2circulateRN
    New graduate nurses are such overachievers.
  9. by   Rosenhammer
    ....and here is our Physical Therapist.
  10. by   Rosenhammer
    I'd introduce you, but she's with the doctor right now.
  11. by   nickos
    When I reminded her to punch out for her lunch break, this isn't what I meant!
  12. by   nursefrances
    Who knew a nurse could land such a good right hook? They just introduced the Nurses Boxing League. Nurses have the perfect combination of strength from lifting patients, speed from answering call lights, stamina from working 12 hour shifts, and pent up frustration to be professional boxers. It was a surprise to me too!
  13. by   2BRN123
    The Customer is Always Right

    "You're assigned to Mr. Smithton tonight, despite his recent colostomy and diet order, his wife insists on bringing him Q'Doba for dinner every evening"

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