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    Hello All,
    This is my first post on! I am a nursing student that is very much interested in continuing my education and pressing forward after undergrad and applying for graduate school at UAB Fall 2011. I am trying to reach out to other UAB graduate students that are in the MSN FNP program for adults to give me an idea what the program is actually like, what the workload is like if you are an online student, and how manageable it is working full-time and taking care of family and home. I have looked at some other posts but no one really speaks about what it is like while they are IN the program. I'm looking to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all! Either way I have set my heart on this university- I'm just looking for friendly advice and words of wisdom. Thanks for your replies in advance!

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    I went to UAB for undergrad. I am not going there to get my master's. UAB sucked. They do not care about their students. There teachers cant teach. One of my clinical instructors told me the nurse practitioner students were telling her the teachers were so ridicoulos they have to print out all their email correspondences because they will change due dates without notice and say that they didnt. The same teachers teach undergrad as grad level that how i know from personal experience they suck. They dont grade fairly across the board and they play favorites. We had to do a stupid evidenced based practice project every single semester. And they raise their tutition expendientially every year. One of the nurses i met during clinicals was getting a masters in acute care nurse practitioner and she realized that she actually needed a primary care NP. They wouldnt let her change programs so then she had to apply for the primary care program separately and they didnt admit her even though she was already in NP school at UAB. By the way if the had let her switch she would have graduated in 3 semesters as opposed to 2 more years because she is a parttime student. Dont go to UAB for the reputation.
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    I'm in the second semester (of 7) of the adult NP program at UAB. I'm doing it distance accessible. In my first semester I took both theory courses, and now I'm taking pharm and patho. The workload is doable. They compress a lot of their classes so courses will be oftentimes 10-12 weeks rather than the full 16. I work full time, but am single so I don't have kids to worry about. I"m working at a pretty leisurely pace. The lectures for pharm and patho are online, and are quite good.

    I've had to call a few teachers for clarification on things, and they've so far been very accessible. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    I work with a nurse that is completing the part-time option. She has not been told when her clinical rotations will start. Do you know in which semester they will start for you? Will you still be able to work full-time once clinicals start?
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    It doesn't make sense that she hasn't been told when her clinical rotations will start because she should have signed a course outline for the whole program before starting. My clinical rotations are in semesters 5-7.
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    I am applying for Fall 2011 at UAB for FNP. I am thinking of taking classes this summer as a non-degree graduate student to get ahead. Has anyone else done this? Any advice on what classes to take ahead of time or any advice at all on UAB's program would be VERY appreciated!! Thanks
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    UMASHtangi-- How are you liking the program? Where are you doing the program from? I will be doing it distance as well.
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    How many times must you attend campus?
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    JustinTRN- there are 2 3-day visits that are required, everything else can be done in your own area.
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    So far I'm enjoying the program. To be honest, I'm not finding the pharm and patho any more difficult than my undergrad. It feels more like a review of undergrad.....and a few new things I pick up along the way. I've decided to bust my hump over the summer in an attempt to graduate a semester early.

    The biggest issue I can see with the program is finding clinical instructors. If you're well connected in your home area it might not be a problem. I think I might just go to B'ham for a few weeks to knock out the clinicals in one swoop.

    What concentration are you applying for?

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