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    brighterfuture.... What campus did you apply on? It's very expensive. My uniform and shoes were $120.00. The background and drug screen is $74. I'm not really sure how much the shots are.

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    Oh yea Good Luck!!!!
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    I applied to Bessemer and Birmingham campus...I applied to the RN and LPN program.
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    Thanks 2bNurseskip. Brighterfuture hang in there. Hopefully you will hear something back next week. Lawson really waited to late to send out acceptance letters. I really just wanted to get in somewhere and I did. I had 157 points and that made way for me to get into the LPN. I think the RN was more like in the 180's. Jeff State will begin accepting soon for the Spring semester and I also believe Wallace also(They give the TEAS V entrance exam now). So maybe look to those places if you dont get a call/letter. I will pray for you that you get in though. Keep me posted!!!
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    Yea!!! I got accepted into the LPN program! I have to get started on the uniforms and shots.
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    brighterfuture Congrats!!!! Which campus are you on?
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    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over here doing a happy dance for ya!!!! I hate to say it but here it goes...................I told ya so..HAHAHAHAHAHA...Now go and kick some BUTT!!!!
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    I will at the Bessemer Campus....I'm trying to get these pricey immunizations...
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    If you go to the Ensley Health Dept, and tell them you have no income or if your income in low you shots will be around $2-$8 a piece.

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