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I know that with the current economy being in such a desperate state some hospitals have put up freezes on hiring new nurses. I was wondering if anyone knew if this has become the case in the Alabama area? If so, what parts of... Read More

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    Huntsville area has a freeze. Benefits are being cut and RN's are having to take 4 hours off a month with or without pay. I will not be surprised when lays-offs occur. I do not believe any PRN employees are getting the hours either.
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    Thanks for all the great input. I graduate in May and was wondering if anyone has any updates on hiring new RN's in AL. What does the job outlook look like the May grads in your area??

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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    I think it depends on where in Alabama you want to work. As a previous poster said, with the influx of new grads coming out in May, it will likely be hard, especially to get a job in the hospital/unit you want, and the hours you work. Most units are hesitant to hire new grads, so med surg is the most probable opportunity (not to say thatyou cant get in a unit..i graduated in December and went straight into MICU) suggestion is to begin first in the hospital(s) you did clinicals in or that you precepted in, becuase they are more likelyto know you and b aware of your abilities and strong/weak points. I precepted in SICU, which is where i wanted to work..but there were no openngs. I applied to MICU and got grat recommendations from the SICU charge nurses, which i am sure helped alot. So, keep in mind, that what you do as a student and how you perform in clinical/preceptorship can be a big deciding factor between you and other applicants.
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    Montgomery area hospitals, Baptist Health Centers in particular, are in need of nurses badly right now according to a news interview about a month ago on WSFA
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    I have been laid off since July 2009. I have been looking and yet to find employment. I have 4 plus years experience and I really need a job. I live in the northwest corner of the state. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    montgomery isnt looking to good either. it was before i got my license this month. but i guess they must have hired a lot of may graduates.

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