Jeffstate or UAB????

  1. I was just wondering if you could get into jeffstate's RN program and still go to work at same time?

    Or would it be easier for me to go and work as a Patient Care tech at UAB and get into there nursing program since they pay.

    P.S. After spring of 2009, I WILL have to pay for my education. And plus I've already thought about transfering to UAB anyways since I've planned that before and have already taken courses that apply to their program (I've taken ENG 101, 102, 261). So would it be better in the long run to do so?
    Can you work while taking UAB's BSN program as well?

    Thanks for advice
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  3. by   purplefreak3000
    What do I need to expect when I get into any nursing program?
  4. by   autigermommy
    If you are needing to work while in nursing school, which I wouldn't recommend, you need to consider the part-time program at JSCC/St. Vincent's.

    Nursing school will consume every part of your life while you are in it, and it just doesn't leave much time for work. I'm not trying to discourage you from nursing school, I would just hate for you to struggle with nursing because you do have to work.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  5. by   LadySunshine
    I graduated from JSCC in May. I transferred from UAB because the nursing school was too competitive to get into. The year I was applying, the lowest gpa accepted was a 3.8. So, I guess im a little biased to JSCC. I went to the Shelby campus. From what I am told, it is the better of the two campuses. As for the working and going to school situation, I wouldnt suggest it. I know the a large percentage of my class had jobs and the majority were PCA jobs. Im not saying that it CANT be done but it is very difficult considering that nursing school is so intensive and requires a lot of studying. I would certainly not advise it during the 1st and 2nd semester anyway.
  6. by   YGPHNM
    LadySunshine....what semester and year were you applying to when the GPA was a 3.8? i applied for spring 09 and i'm hopin i get it...and UAB doesn't base their admission solely on I pray I get in
  7. by   autigermommy
    I am at UAB right now, and my advisor told me that they are expecting to be able to give out 260 applications and there are only 110 spots.

    According to her, when you apply for regular admission to the BSN program, you are one of three "classes" of students.

    1. Transfer Student -- taken bulk of coursework at a school other than UAB
    2. Native Student -- taken ALL of coursework at UAB
    3. Second Degree Student -- already have a bachelor's degree in something else and desire to be a nurse

    Native students are given first priority (probably b/c they have spent all of their money at UAB)

    GPA is a huge factor when it comes to applying to any program. They assume that if you do really well in all of your pre-nursing classes, then you will more than likely be successful in the nursing program.

    The other huge factor is your Letter and volunteer or paid work hours.

    There is a group of people that sit around and review each application and based on how the "pass out" applications, there is no guarantee that just b/c you have a good GPA and have done your work hours doesn't mean that you will get in the program.

    None of us knows exactly what they are looking for, but we can sure try to write that perfect letter and have the 60 hours of work and have the best GPA we can get....

    Good luck on trying to get in in spring!
  8. by   YGPHNM
    Yeah, but UAB is different from a lot of programs that I applied to for the Spring Jacksonville, admission is based solely on GPA and nothing else factors. I do like that UAB gives the opportunity for people without 3.8 or higher GPAs a chance to apply. What year were you admitted to UAB autiger? And are you in the nursing program now? If so, do you mind reading my letter and letting me read yours?
  9. by   LadySunshine
    Quote from YGPHNM
    LadySunshine....what semester and year were you applying to when the GPA was a 3.8? i applied for spring 09 and i'm hopin i get it...and UAB doesn't base their admission solely on I pray I get in

    That was back in 2006 when i was going to apply. Im not sure how things are now though.
  10. by   bepeaceful
    I am in the RN program at JSCC. This semester the instructors told us to not have a job if at all possible. I realize this is not possible for everyone. However, it is a huge load. They also said for every one hour in class, you should study 3 hours. I hope this helps!