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I noticed there were threads for the other semesters, so I thought I would get this one started. There's another week until the deadline, but I've finished everything I can do. Now it's just waiting.... Read More

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    lovet they said in orientation the books and codes for hw or whatever will not be available until August 3rd I believe. And that was for the Jefferson Campus and thier bookstore.
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    I'm about to start at the Shelby campus and I'm terrified after hearing so many horror stories about the 1st semester instructors there @ Enigmatic if what people say at is mild then I'm even more scared
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    anyone ready for first day of class on monday? just bought my book bundle
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    So, any of you who started NS today, how was it? I had Micro tonight and NS classes start tomorrow night.
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    I started today in the daytime classes at the Jefferson campus. There was a little confusion over the schedule at first, but it got worked out. There was a little first day introductions, but that didn't stop us from jumping into the curriculum. I'm excited and nervous still. And now, back to studying.
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    Good luck to you, and happy studying!
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    Did anybody catch how many sets of scrubs we're supposed to order?
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    They said we only really need one our first semester because we will only have clinicals one day a week our first semester.
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    I'm in my first semester of nursing school at the Shelby Campus,and I'm just curious, does anyone know if we have to take our Nursing classes this Summer or do we get the Summer off?
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    @SKC3, we go straight through. No breaks until it is over.