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Jeff State 2011 Fall Hopefuls! - page 8

any Jeff State Fall 2011 hopefuls out there?? I am taking the TEAS V Wednesday, so then I will know how many points I have!!! :)... Read More

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    Great.. Do they give you a certificate when you complete it, or do they notify the school directly?
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    you get a sheet of paper that says you completed the course and then about 3-4 weeks later you get your "official CPR card"!!! I am 99.9% sure Jeff State will accept the letter until you get the card!
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    ok great... thanks.. think i'm gonna go head and sign up too
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    I am in my 5th semester and will be graduating soon. I have uniforms for sale if anyone is interested. I am also selling some for a friend.

    $16 White Uniform Top Size X-Small (I have two) Fits a Size 0-4
    $18 White uniform Top Size Medium (I have 2) Fits a Size 8-12
    $12 White Uniform Pants Size X-small (They run HUGE 6-10)
    $12 Purple Scrub Top Size Medium
    $12 Purple Scrub Bottom Size Small
    $15 White Lab Coat with Patch

    All are the required uniform. I will need to hold on to one medium top and the pants for the pinning August 4th but after that they are in need of a good home. Call me 504-0104 and I can meet at the Shelby campus. I have textbooks as well but not for 1st semester, if interested.
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    Check out for all the notes from all classes at the Shelby campus.
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    Thanks mistyandbenjamin for providing that wonderful link!! It is a wonderful website and a great resource that I will refer to often. I'm so grateful for the kind student for taking the time to create it and to you for sharing it with us all. Thank you
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    Thanks as well mistyandbenjamin... The website is great.. Also being that you are in your 5th semester and will be graduating soon do you have any advice for us new comers? Thanks so much
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    does anyone know which semester we start clinicals?
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    I think they start sometime in the fall qtr. ( At Wallace they start in October). But not sure about the date for Jeff State. I sure do wish they would mail out acceptance letters. This waiting is no fun
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    the waiting sucks big time. i'm sure every other school has sent out their letters. This is tourture,... trying to keep your mind off of it just doesn't work because it always drift back to it
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    Well, I received my acceptance letter today to Shelton State!!! I'm going to accept since I live in Tuscaloosa, and this will be a much shorter drive. Best of luck to all of y'all, you will be in my prayers! I am going to email the nursing dept at Jeff state tomorrow and let them know I have accepted at another school so I don't take someone else's spot if by chance I got on.
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    Teejazzy2 you are right, this waiting is torture! And I think every school has sent out their letters!

    Lpr0711 Congratulations on your acceptance to Shelton State!!!Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
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    I have seen some of you posting about the CPR class at the Hoover FD and I have a question. I saw it online and I called to schedule and the guy that answered the phone said that there is a place to schedule online. I didn't see anything anywhere. Do you call or am I overlooking something? Thanks in advance!