How much do nurses start out at in N. Alabama/B'ham? How much do nurses start out at in N. Alabama/B'ham? | allnurses

How much do nurses start out at in N. Alabama/B'ham?

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    I graduate nursing school in May and am finally getting to the point where I start to seriously look for gainful employment as a nurse! In looking at various applications for some of the hospitals in the area, the one part I'm never sure about is desired salary. I have no idea what new nurses start out at, so I don't know what to put in that blank. I'd like to be able to fill that out appropriately, because I definitely don't want to put down too much or too little. The only info I've found online has either been outdated or doesn't really apply to nurses with less than one year of experience.

    Hospitals I'm looking into include: Huntsville Hospital, Crestwood, Decatur General, Athens-Limestone, Cullman, UAB, St. Vincent's, Brookwood, and Shelby. If you have any information about what these hospitals start new nurses out at, it'd be much appreciated!
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    UAB posts their wages. I believe it starts at 20.10/hr. Not sure about the others. I work in Gadsden and make $18.10.
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    Princeton (which is in the Baptist Health System with Shelby) starts their new grads out at 19.56 an hour I believe.
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    I currently work at St. Vincent's and it's in the 20's there!! I wish I was already making that! I'm only a PCA right now! But was told in my initial interview the wages for an RN.
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    Most, if not all of the Birmingham hospitals offer $20.40 plus or minus some cents.
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    do you know the pay for LPN?
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    Around here, in Southeast NC, typically 20-22/hr. Mostly I see $20.50 and around that dollar amount. Cost of living isn't as high here as it is in the rest of the state and country. That's the average starting pay for all RN new grads, regardless of level academic of preparation.

    LPNs, in clinics here, typically start at anywhere from $13.50 to $16.30/hr. I think that is ridiculous pay for a licensed individual who went through 12-18 months the of rigorous training. I don't care if the cost of living is lower here, but I digress.

    LPNs in the long-term or acute care setting (they still use a few experienced LPNs in some units here) they start off at $16.30-$17.50/hr.
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    I am an RN and have never worked for less than $35 per hour and have been all over the US. FL, AL, LA, MI, IL, and now TX