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Hi, Here's my story. I'm currently a LPN and am trying desperately to get into a bridge program from whatever school will accept me. I'm finished with all core/pre requisite classes but the thing is I didn't do so well in A &... Read More

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    UAH uses GPA not a point system. Also must take a per HESI which almost all nursing schools in the state have started using, even Calhoun. I graduated from UAH, had a job prior to graduation, and moved up quickly at my hospital. The program was difficult at times but my teachers were also willing to work with me. Enjoyed almost all my instructors and clinical instructors. I went to the school before I applied and discussed my chances of being accepted. Sometimes it's good to go meet the people (or call) an see what they can tell you. They are pretty up front with you.

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    I have just applied for UAH fall 2013 nursing program, I have a 3.3 GPA and 5 years work experience in a doctors office and group home. I have 120 hrs volunteer work at a nursing home, do you think I will get in ?
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    Are u willing to relocate? I know Atlanta Tech here in Atlanta have their bridge program deadline is may 31st...maybe u can try that
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