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Do any of you know about Wallace Community College near Dothan? My parents live there and say that they don't have enough students going into the nursing program there! Something about an ad in the newspaper trying to... Read More

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    Those of us who were accepted into the program get an automatic spot in the fall program. Hopefully I can get closer to home.

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    did any of you have to take the hesi exam? did you pass? I attend wallace and the hesi is keeping alot of good students from becoming nurses..
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    I am just getting started and very nervous. I moved to Ozark, Albama just 2 weeks ago from Charlotte, NC. Economy had an effect on me where my lover and I had to leave due to not having no where to live. I moved down with my bestfriend/bother from the military and his family. I never had as much support like I do now.
    I pray I make it through. Being a nurse has been a dream of mine for years. As a child I told my father I wanted to be a doctor and ever since til this day he calls me Doc. I hope to make him proud of me and my mother. My family period.
    It's good to hear WCC has a high passing rate. I have one friend that told me WCC nurses/instructures do a weed out process. That's one thing I am nervous about. Expecially being a black male. I mean I wonder sometimes if they would be more worried about helping me or weeding me out. Either way I am focused and at this point in my life I never wanted something so bad as this. I know I will pass, I'm just trying to get prepared for the trails and tribulations I must face and overcome.
    I hope to meet a good friend in school, someone I can study with and someone that is focused and determined to pass. Someone that is head strong and someone that can take a little challenge in life. Who knows maybe I'll meet a good friend on too.

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