Does Anybody Work at HUNTSVILLE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!

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    HI Guys,
    I was wonder does anybody work at Huntsville hospital? I am a new nurse graduate and I have been apply there for about 4 months and so far no luck. Does Huntsville Hospital hire new graduate and if they do what is the process? Do they only hire nurses from the local area because I moved from another state and I have my Alabama License but it doesn’t seem to matter. I just want to know from any new graduate nurse that got a job at Huntsville hospital to explain the process to me.
    Thank you guys and any information would be so helpful!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't work at HH but I can answer that they do hire new grads. The reason that I know this is that there was a woman that graduated in the class above me and she was hired by HH after her graduation.

    All I can tell you is to keep trying.
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    I am a new grad from this area. Some of my classmates have been hired there, so it definitely happens. I haven't had any luck.

    I wish I did work there! It is an excellent hospital.
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    I've had an x-ray degree for 7 years and can't manage to get an interview there. It all depends on who ya know, I've been told that by several HH employees. Crestwood is a great place to work I hear!
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    You are so right, I have heard that it's all about who you know. But it's hard because I just moved here about 5 month a ago and I really don't know that many people that work in the health care.

    I will keep trying that's all i could do.
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    HH is really competitive to get in. It seems like everyone I know who got a job there either precepted there or knew enough people there to get them in. It's pretty competitive. Plus, there's about 3 (maybe 4?) nursing schools in town you're competing with. Not very good options. I have friends that graduated last May still trying to get a job at HH or Crestwood. Good luck and don't give up yet!
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    thank you and i will keep looking hh seems like a good hospital and i just want to learn as much as possible. do you work at hh? if you don't mind me asking, if you do please keep me informed on how i could get a job there.

    thank you!!!!!!
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    No, I don't work there (I applied to numerous tech positions but gave up after not getting any feedback). I've done some clinicals there and am currently precepting there right now. Nice hospital and overall nice staff (although I heard that also depends what floor you're on).
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    sorry to hear that so are you an RN or a student how did you get to precept there? Do you think they give RN a chance to precept without even getting paid or anything?
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    I'm a nursing student at UAH, so I'm precepting for my final semester. But thanks to the school shooting that occurred this afternoon, I can't precept for a while (school is closed to until the 19th). I have no idea about precepting as an RN. You'd have to contact the hospital for that.

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