Anyone applying for Calhoun ADN- fall 09?

  1. Hey! I was just wondering if any of you are applying for the ADN program at Calhoun Community College for this fall....

    I just turned my application today, so wish me luck!
    Good luck & best wishes to everyone!
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  3. by   coffeefix
    Hi laura ann. I'm in my 2nd semester @ Calhoun. I just wanted to say good luck!!
  4. by   beach_bride514
    aww thank you!

    do you enjoy it?
  5. by   coffeefix honest do you want me to be???
  6. by   beach_bride514
    i really need the honesty. haha!

    I know it's going to be challenging (to say the least).. especially since (IF) i get in i will be coming directly from high school.

    but yes, please be honest!!
  7. by   coffeefix
    OK, here goes........ You asked if I was "enjoying" it? The answer is NO!!!!! Let me explain: (and remember, this is just my opinion):

    Nursing school is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life!!!! In orientation, the teachers tell you in a "joking" way to get ready to give up your family, friends and any social life you may have. Well, they aren't joking. I have always been a straight A student. I am still making A's in nursing, but I study 7 days a week and on the weekend I sometimes study 10 hrs a day. There is tons of reading, lots of's just always something. For my anniversary- my husband wanted to take me out to dinner, but I just didn't have time.....I needed to study. So, instead we ordered take-out. There are a lot of sacrifices that you have to make. As long as you are willing to do that- you'll do fine. Also, the types of tests in nursing school is completely different than anything I've ever taken. Normally in a class, you memorize the information, but in nursing you have to UNDERSTAND the information and then apply it to different situations. Some of the teachers are great and some........well, some shouldn't be teaching anymore. A lot of things are unorganized, but you just have to go w/ the flow. I am so stressed out- there have been several days I've broken down and cried and asked myself "can I do this"? In the past few months, I've actually started having panic attacks. I've been meaning to go to my doctor, but just can't seem to find the time!! Last semester we lost alot of people. One of my good friends failed by .5 points. I don't like nursing school but can't wait to become a nurse. You just have to remember that school is just a stepping stone.

    I'm not telling you this to scare you- I'm just being honest. But, like I said school is temporairy. And as hard as this is- I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

    Good luck and I'm sure you will do great!!!!
  8. by   beach_bride514
    wow....ha... that's scary.

    being a nurse is something i've ALWAYS wanted to do. i'm not a straight A student it's more of a mix between As and Bs, but the Bs are in any kind of math. math has always been more of a challenge for me. but as far as biology and any type of science subject goes, I LOVE IT. and for me I always spend more time studying and paying attention when i'm INTERESTED in something. i'm usually pretty optimistic and very determined. So I WILL make it through it, I just know i'll need a TON of prayers!!! ha

    i'm a senior in high school, so i'm not married. but i have a older boyfriend who is extremely understanding and mature, i can already tell that he will be my rock and sanity through all of this.

    i'm just so scared that i will get so overwhelmed because i will be taking the general ed. courses along with the nursing courses if i get in this fall. i only had 179 points though, so i'm not sure what my chances are. I spoke to one of the nursing secretaries thursdays, and she said i SHOULD have no problem getting in, however i really don't feel that confident about it.

    I'm so sorry that this is hard on you. just stay positive and know it will be over in 4 semesters!! and then you'll be on your way to helping many people- so thank you for that!

    thanks for the honesty! ha, it might not have been easy to read, but i needed it! good luck to you!!!
  9. by   VSBlonde
    I just turned in my application today. I am a Registered X-ray tech who is making a career change after losing my current job due to company downsizing. Most of my classes transfer, so I don't have many to take other than my nursing classes. Hopefully, we'll both get in
  10. by   beach_bride514
    well good luck!!

    and sorry to hear about your job!
  11. by   beach_bride514
    well best wishes to you!!
    I only applied for the ADN... i'm taking A&PI this summer. I start classes the day of graduation!!
  12. by   GloryBee00
    I applied for the ADN, ADN Nights and LPN. Since I am only taking my first BIO class (A & P I) this spring, my best shot is the LPN program. Good Luck to All!
  13. by   VSBlonde
    I applied for ADN. I'm taking Microbiology & Human Growth and Development this Summer since those are the only two non-nursing classes I haven't already taken.
  14. by   GloryBee00
    I'll be taking A & P II this summer. Can't wait to find out if I get in for the fall. The waiting is hard! From what I heard, for the first two semester the ADN's and LPN's are taking the same courses.

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