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    I work with a boy in a school. The teacher has a lot of complaints about the fact that this child requires a lot of care that she does not understand and I do not explain. I am there to keep this child alive not give her health information that I can not disclose (or do not want to). The other day just pushed me over the edge. This child was okay (but not perfect) in the morning but later in the day he needed to go home (the reason is not important). The teacher was told his parent was coming and she rolled her eyes and said "was he sick this morning?" I explained that the parent was called and told problem and decided to come and pick child up. This seemed to irritate her as usual. I feel that HIPPA says I can not give certain info and if she really wants to know to call parents and risk being chewed out for questioning me since the parents do not take kindly to it. My company does not want to get involoved (as usual). Does HIPPA cover this in that I can not disclose his medical information?
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    Lovebug, I would ask your agency what you may and may not disclose.

    I am mystified, though, by your not wanting to share information with this child's teacher. Is it possible that there is a bit of a power struggle going on between the two of you regarding this kid?

    Good luck.
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    I don't think it is a "power struggle" but more that I find it hard to explain things to her in a way that she will understand. I also hate when I explain that certain supplies must be within reach that she will remove them because " the other children can not have this stuff" or the child won't listen to her and this gets the child's attention. These are things that keep this child alive and healthy and even though (even with explanation) this is important I can't get it through her head.
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    Gotcha. SO she's basically messing with your clinical work space.

    Can you buy her "this kid's situation for dummies"?
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    And it's bizarre that she would endanger the child by removing needed equipment to discipline him. She gets the kid's attention by terrifying him. That's abuse and I would warn her and then report it as such.
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    I don't think she is intentionally endangering this kid. She views the supplies as the parents overindulgence. I always remind her the child needs it but it seems to bother her. I realize (for a lot of reasons) that I should just find a new job because it makes for a very stressful situation to always have to watch what she does. My concern is that the next nurse will not be as "pushy" as me and allow the teacher to do as she pleases which will endanger the child. I have gone to the school nurse (RN) and told her my concerns. She tells me to do my job and ignore the teacher's ignorance. I would really like to just see this teacher see me as a professional (which I am) and that even though she does not understand things I am doing my job and letting her do hers.
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    I understand that you are frustrated with the teacher; but would it be easier to do some explaining so that she will be a little more tolerant of his situation???
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    I have explained why this child needs these supplies but I can not explain why the child went home (or has gone home in the past) because I thought it to be a HIPPA violation.
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    Quote from LovebugLPN
    I have explained why this child needs these supplies but I can not explain why the child went home (or has gone home in the past) because I thought it to be a HIPPA violation.
    I think teeachers are allowed to know this - certainly, were you not there, she'd take her to the school nurse who would tell her. No?

    Find out from your agency what you can tell the teacher.
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    sometimes when people ask me question about things I give generic answers. Like a person knows someone is having a cardiac cath. They ask questions about the cardiac cath, doesnt matter if I know who the patient is at that time or not. I will explain what a cardiac cath is, how long it takes and the follow up afterwards as well as what to expect. Sometimes people are afraid of what they dont know this might what you have going on here . I dont think educating a person on any equipment generically is a hipaa violation. and to explain that there are items for life saving reasons and other equipment for quality of life issues. quality of life is a valid issue, esp if you are the pt. but in a generic sense shouldnt be a violation. You can even inservice on items without it being a violation.
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