Average hourly pay for per diem agency RN?

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    I jst recently became a per diem agency RN in LA. I have a BSN, work tele/ms, and have two years experience in a acute care teaching hospital. I know we really don't discuss numbers here, but I can't help feeling like I'm being ripped off. I won't mention the agency I'm with but I will say that I am making $36/hour + time and a half for every 4 hours I work over 8 hours during a 12 hour shift. I typically work 3-12's/wk. I don't have benefits or any other incentives. I love working for my agency, but feel that I should be making a bit more. It would be great if you guys could disclose some known rates/hr!


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    Thirty six to 40 dollars is about average for per diem in Colorado. There is no OT untill after twelve hours in a day or forty in a week. There are no benefits.
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    Worked agency in 3 states,
    FL $24-30 is excellent-no benefits ot after 40/wk
    NY $30-40 some benefits if work >32/wk OT after 40/wk
    WA $35-54 full benefits if full time 4-5 shifts/wk, Ot also after 40/wk

    all of these also pd, short notice, holiday,shift dif etc. and some facilities did contracts of 4-12 weeks.
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    That is very low for the LA area, if per diem.
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    I was thinking it was for Louisianna. lol
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    Here in Oregon.
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    hello I am new to the forum however I am an owner of medical staffing agency in Pa . Our RN's with the same experience and work opportunity make 36.00-38.00 an hour, we negotiate ot paid on both anything after 8 hours and also after40 hours. As an RN i think it is important to get our staff the same for an agency as what a hospital would pay their own, so we negotiate on 8hr/40 hour this is a reasonable pay for PA rural, In the cities it could go 46.00-50.00 an hour with same ot benifit.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    That is very low for the LA area, if per diem.
    Hello! Could you tell me in your opinion, how much do you think it should be the rate for LA per diem rate?
    Thank you.
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    I have heard that nurses working in LA hospitals are making $65 to $75 per hour as REGULAR nurses and agency nurses make much more.
    Is this correct or Folklore
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    I just spoke with an agency that wants to do a contract in Atlanta. They say they pay $25-$30/h med/surg with a housing stipen of $1500/month additional.

    Is that the going rate in Atlanta? The hospital is 70 miles from my home.

    THanks! I don't have any experience in the agency realm.

    Anything else I should know? thanks!


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