Laser hair RN at Ideal Image

  1. Anyone tried this? I wanted to look into applying here and I'm curious as to others experience with this. I'm interested in the work environment and salaries is anyone has an idea!

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  3. by   jekagt
    I have been working for Ideal Image since 2010. I was with a different aesthetic company before that. I really enjoy what I do. Ideal Image has expanded their services to also offer injectables(wrinkle relaxers and fillers), ultherapy(skin tightening and lifting), tattoo removal and coolsculpting also. All my training was done on the job. Pay is competitive with what you would make in the hospital setting but we don't have to work holidays! Yay!. This is also opportunity for extra bonus money throughout the year. The atmosphere is laid back and the work load throughout the day is steady.
  4. by   kahqgc
    jekagt, any advice on how to get into ideal image? i am a floor nurse, but i know that kind of work is not for me. i would absolutely love to get into something like ideal image but i have no experience in that field!!

  5. by   NewYorkerGirl
    Are they NP's, or just regular RN's?
  6. by   BriManRN
    I also worked for Ideal Image. Certain states require certain credentials. In PA you have to to be an RN. They provide training.