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Hi all-- I am really interested in the medical aesthetics thing--botox, stuff like that. Anybody know where I can get trained? I live in Colorado, by the way. THANKS :p... Read More

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    hi everyone it seems that you all have questions that i can answer. first of all in colorado my state it is within scope of practice to do perm makeup and microderm with out a physician. that is why i have 2 offices with no headaches. i offer training in these fields. i have been doing procedures since 1993 and teaching for 2 years now. insurance for those of you already doing aesthetics should contact and speak to marylynn at x 15. my students receive 10% off malpractice rates. if anyone has any specific questions let me know i love to share info that sometimes seems hard to find.

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    I am critical care nurse and have always been extremely interested in cosmetic surgery. I would like to make the transition from critical care to become an aesthetic nurse, and need to know the best way to do this. I have found teaching clinics but don't know which ones are worth the money or if I should try to get employeed by a cosmetic surgeon and let him send me to the classes. Any advice from someone with experience in this field of work?
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    I, too, am intersted in combining my clinical background with esthetics. As of next week I will have completed a 600 hour course in esthetics in the state of Maine (complete disaster of an experience but that is not the point here). I don't think this is an entirely necessary step but I wanted to have a solid foundation in skin care.

    I have seen those schools, predominantly in Florida, that offer courses to MD's, NP's, PA's and RN's in various esthetic topics. Unfortunately I know nothing of their reputations.

    I do know that everyone wants in on the huge money making business of age management. There remains a lot of gray area in this emerging field. Some Medi-Spas, etc. push the limits of the law in the way they operate. I personally am persuing employment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Why not work and learn from the best?

    Additionally different states have different rules about what you, as an RN, can and can not do. From my research it seems California and Arizona are the most liberal. Check with your state Board of Nursing.

    I am very interested to see what advice others have to offer on this topic.

    Good luck!
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    I'm curious if Nip/Tuck and other shows like Dr. 90210 help push this field as well. I've heard that shows like Grey's Anatomy and others have been the reason a few other students pursued anesthesiology.

    Kind of silly to do it based off of a tv show, but meh, more power to em I guess lol =P
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    I attended the Aesthetic Enhancement Institute in Florida in February and highly recommend it for anyone interested in this area of nursing. However, the instructor, Barbara Jones, states that if you do not put what you have learned into practice within two weeks, you will loose the skills you have learned. So I would recommend that you have things lined up before going to the classes. I myself had problems with liability insurance. Marine insurance is the best in my opinion. I had everything lined up as far as getting a policy with them, and then finally the dermatologist I was going to rent space from spoke to her liability insurance provider who finally admitted to me "There are a lot of unanswered questions about this, and we are just not sure we want to take the risk" after keeping me hanging for months. So be prepared for roadblocks.

    I also have a few questions of my own for nurses experienced in this area:

    1) In your state, are you at all regulated by the Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers? Do you have to get permission from them to open your salon/spa etc even thought you are a nurse? I know this varies from state to state, but I am interested in how other states regulate this. If not, do you have any other regulatory committee you have to answer to? And what about the department of health?

    2) Do you feel it is okay to operate in a hair salon type setting (still having an MD available if needed) or do you think this is distasteful?
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    Hi, I'm an RN, own my own med spa, been open 6 months now. I went to esthetic skin institute in FL. This is a great base but it's only maybe 30% of the real world knowledge your going to need in this field. You really learn most of the trade with hands on practice. The problem with these teaching facilities are they have never owned and operated a spa so they don't have the real world experience, tips, etc. to share with you. Your basically learning the foundation of how to perform each procedure. Unless you can get someone to teach you the basics these workshops are a must.

    If your looking to own a spa and think your going to be rolling in the money any time soon, stop fooling yourself. The industry would have you think it's very profitable but the people telling you this are the spa consultants and equipment manufacturers who want you to buy something. It's not the truth.

    The problem with looking for work as an aesthetic RN, most docs will hire medical estheticians to do it for half the price. Laws in Fl have actually been passed not allowing RNs to do hair removal yet an electrologist with a GED and a 10 week course can do it. How do you like that for pt. saftey?:angryfire

    Laws are constantly changing. NP's are more protected in this field. I'm headed to NP school just to protect my business for the future. This is a business that is currently on shaky ground.
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    It is ALWAYS goo to hear from someone "in the business", thank you. The NP path, you are taking, shows your dedication. It does sound challenging but very rewarding; like most areas of Nursing, "Ya Gotta Love What You Do", to do it well.

    Again, thanks for the post.
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    Hi....This is a very interesting thread! As I have been debating doing the Esthy thing myself but feel becoming an LPN first might be more beneficial.

    The above poster mentioned going for PN, is that LPN? I am confused because I believe she is also an RN.

    Anything I can learn I appreciate! Thanks
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    Hello everyone! I am a nurse practitioner in California and very interested in working in the aesthetics field. How did most of you get your first job? Cold calling? I haven't taken any courses yet, but have been running a business for the last 5 years (unrelated to nursing), so I know that end of it. Is anyone out there willing to share what type of compensation a NP can expect to perform aesthetic procedures? Any advice on the training necessary? Best way to get it?
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    I have a 20 plus year critical care nursing career. I went to esthetician school (600 hours) to become a skin care specialist, and a little over a year ago started my own business. I do facials with Dermalogica, chemical peels, microderm, waxing, permanent makeup, and just trained on Botox. It is all a challenge but I love being independent. It is a far cry from the ICU.
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