what are eligibility criteria for a BSN to get a H1B

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    I am a foreign nurse with nclex rn . But I don't have an ssn .Am I eligible to endorse my RN licence to any other states. Is it possible for me to apply for H1b visa with a employer.


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    Are you licensed or did you just take & pass the NCLEX-RN? Are you an experienced BSN nurse with specialty experience (such as in critical care, NICU, OR, or other high demand area)?

    Just because you have a BSN & pass the NCLEX-RN you are not automatically eligible for a specialty visa such as the H1B. Most nurses do not meet the stringent requirements of H1BV. In addition, the employer must bare all costs. With the current economic conditions and oversupply of US trained and licensed nurses who are citizens or permanent residents with rights to work, very few facilities are sponsoring overseas trained nurses for work visas. The costs involved in sponsoring and training a non-US PR/Citizen nurse often outweigh hiring a USC/PR nurse. Good luck in your endeavors.
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    I have a RN license for NY as they don't require a SSN.
    You don't need a license to apply for jobs or a visa, as long as you have your visa screen certificate.
    It is possible to get a H-1B as a RN, but you will definitely need some experience and the job must REQUIRE a BSN (PREFERRING a BSN is not enough). The types of jobs that often require BSNs (but not MSN)are nurse managers, assistant nurse managers, clinical supervisors and research program coordinators.

    If the position you are offered is in a non profit organisation then the fees for the employer to sponsor you will be considerably lower.
    Additionally some employers are exempt from the 60,000 annual H-1B visa number and, rather than having to petition for the visa on April 1st, they can apply at any time of year.

    [COLOR=#333333]The USCIS states that petitions (applications) for new H1B employment are exempt from the cap if the applicant will work at the defined institutions of higher education or a related or affiliated nonprofit entities, or at nonprofit research organizations or governmental research organizations.

    So look for a position in a non profit hospital that is related to an institution og higher education.Many hospitals or healthcare systems will fullfill this requirement.

    There is a shortage of experienced RNs in the US which is why nursing is classed as a shortage occupation by the US Department of Labor. Come retirement of the baby boomers it will be worse. Healthcare is one sector that has continued to add jobs throughout the recession. If you are willing/qualified to do nights or a job that's not "popular" then you will be in a better position.

    Another thing, getting through the HR recruiters is a feat in itself. They are like gatekeepers and I have on many occasions questioned the methods they use to "screen" applications before deciding which to forward to a manager. Additionally, many are not RNs.

    If you have a generic resume then be prepared to change that! I have about 6 different targeted resumes now!
    You need a great resume/application that shows you have the skills and experience they're looking for.
    I list my skills first and then list achievements for each position I've held. Keep it to the point and fairly short-maybe 2-3 achievments for each position. Mine is usually 2-3 pages because I have a lot of experience and education to get in there, but I concentrate on the positions that are appropriate for the job I'm targeting with that resume. B
    Better your resume is a little longer than to sell yourself short.

    Go out and buy a book about writing a resume-one that helps you identify your skills and achievements.
    Here's a site that talks about foundation skills that are required for almost all jobs.
    The Career Key | The Foundation Skills, Job Skills

    If you know anyone who works in a hospital then see if they have a referral program or they might be prepared to give your resume to a manager or recruiter.
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    Thank you so much for your reply.
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    If you get cetrified in Wound and Ostomy Care, you will be eligible for H-1B, because this is the only specialty of nursing that requires you to possess BSN.
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    You would have to have experience to be considered a specialist and have an emplyer.
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    If you are talking about H-1B, that is not true. One may get H-1B with 0 experience, like in case with BSN and WOC certification.
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    Two issues, one there needs to be job requiring a wound certified nurse and second there needs to be no qualified US citizens or green card holders.
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    Labor certification for H1-B is much simpler than for Green Card. I think it is quite obvious that if there is an employer willing to sponsor a WOC nurse, there are no other qualified candidates.
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    Quote from Snowleopard
    Labor certification for H1-B is much simpler than for Green Card. I think it is quite obvious that if there is an employer willing to sponsor a WOC nurse, there are no other qualified candidates.
    In my area, I have seen no open jobs for a WOC nurse, these jobs are very desirable because no weekends, nights, or holidays are required. So if a job opened up, US citizens or residents with a green card would apply, if needed they could take the same course as you are suggesting to non residents.

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