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Can anyone help me? i intend to get licensed in Vermont since the California BRN has already issued a statement that they will no longer extend validities of pass letters effective, if i'm not... Read More

  1. by   girlash_nurse
    Does Vermont issue a hard copy of the RN license once approved? as in a card type license?
  2. by   purplechicxiii
    Hi gurlash_nurse

    Vermont RN license is in one-page short bond paper. Not the usual card-type license. That is because license verification can be done through nursys website anyway.

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  3. by   PnayNurseAcademician
    Quote from can-rn-immigrant
    Can anyone help me? i intend to get licensed in Vermont since the California BRN has already issued a statement that they will no longer extend validities of pass letters effective, if i'm not mistaken, april 10 or 30, 2010...

    i'm wondering, since i already have a VisaScreen certificate, do i need to apply for a CES again?... the process seem redundant since the CES will be requiring me to submit credentials which are exactly the same as the ones required for my VisaScreen...

    i just want to know if anyone has been in the same situation and what they did... and how long did it take to get licensed in Vermont?... although i totally get the California BRN's move, i still would not want to have my NCLEX go to waste...

    pleeease help anyone?

    thank you!
    Hello, we are on the ship. It's my problem also, worse is, my NCLEX Pass letter already expired last year of July (2011). Am I still eligible to endorse it to VT and undergo the process posted in the thread? How's your case? Did u already receive your VT License? Pls guys, I need your responses so badly..
  4. by   PnayNurseAcademician
    can i still apply for this endorsement if even though my NCLEX CA pass letter validity already lapsed last year of July (2011)? pls help me, i;m really troubled. Like many posts here, I am praying that i would not be obliged to re-take NCLEX for that matter. thhanks in advance.
  5. by   PnayNurseAcademician
    Quote from can-rn-immigrant
    hello angel... i am still in the process of having my nclex endorsed to vermont as well to obtain a license... now is the best time to have it processed while you have ample time... mine will expire on feb of next year...

    in the request letter, include your complete name, DATE and TIME you took your NCLEX and the place where you sat for your NCLEX... i also included the file number of my nclex pass letter (the one they sent me informing me that i passed the nclex)...
    and yes, the CES report is faster to process because most of the documents they require are the same as with the VSC... but you CANNOT substitute your VSC for the CES report... so you have to order a CES report from cgfns and pay another fee...

    goodluck and i am glad to be of help!

    do u have any idea if i could still pursue my application for endorsement though my nclex pass letter validity lapsed last year of july (2011)? pls if u've got advice me, ill appreciate it much!im terribly confused and worried.
  6. by   PnayNurseAcademician
    Quote from can-rn-immigrant
    this means that all NCLEX passers through the state of california who received their pass letters informing them that they must submit their SSN within three years from the date the letter (referred to as 'pass letter') was generated is no longer extended as was the practice prior to april 10, 2010... the BRN of california will issue the USRN license only when the candidate has submitted a valid SSN... due to the retrogression, obtaining a visa is taking longer than usual, that is, longer than the three-year expiration set in the letter... those affected by the retrogression used to write the BRN prior to the expiration of their pass letter to have theirs extended... the BRN then extend it for another year, and another and another...

    as of april 10 of this year, the BRN of california has issued a statement that they will no longer extend the validity of pass letters, meaning if you do not submit an SSN on or before your pass letter expires, they will deem your application inactive and have your files with them destroyed...
    whoAAA! DO these all mean that my files are destroyed becasue my pass letter expired last year? July 2011? Oh My God! and i have to take the nclex once again?? Guys, pls clear this up.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    You can not endorse because you have no license to endorse. Suggest contact BON/BRN re NCLEX results as letter expired but think you may be ok and not have to resist NCLEX however I can not guarantee this. What happens in most cases when applying to another state you complete application by license, meet requirements and ask CA to forward results
  8. by   PnayNurseAcademician
    hello sir, thanks for the response. I thought, NCLEX PASS LETTERS can be endorsed to other states for me to be granted license, since it is impossible for me to have license in Ca becasue I'm not physically there in USA, thus could not give them any SSN, which is needed for license application.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    NCLEX letters are not endorsed but forwarded to the next state. Not all states will give a license without a SSN however your application and meeting requirements doesn't expire unlike CA. Also be aware several states like Vermont now require a US SSN before accepting application due to federal requirements
  10. by   PnayNurseAcademician
    As to my case sir, what could you advise me to do? or do you know of a state that i could send y pass letter and apply for license without asking for an SSN?
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    You will have to do your own research and check the state BON websites
  12. by   sem_rs
    guys whats my option VT now wont renew license without ssn?
  13. by   margauxfd
    @sem_rs i suggest you consult your immigration lawyer for the best possible option. When will your vt license expire?