US Citizen Graduating October 2010 in the Philippines

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    Hi, I am a US Citizen based in NJ. I am now in the Philippines and is graduating BSN this October 2010. My question is, do I need to pass the local board here in the Philippines to be qualified to take the NCLEX?

    If I dont need to take local boards, how do I proceed with this?

    Has anybody gone through the same situtation recently?

    When should I start applying for the NCLEX?

    Anyone please?


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    Your best bet for information is in the international forum where this is frequently discussed.
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    Moved to the International forum

    Starting point is the BON for the state you want to live and work and check what their requirements are for Foreign trained nurse, it can vary from state to state. You can't start the process until you have completed your training and have a full set of transcripts. Do not apply to pearsonvue until you have eligibility from the BON which can take anything from 4-8 months (more like 4 months but will depend on BON)

    Also remember you are not applying for NCLEX but to be a licensed nurse in the US, NCLEX is just a part of that process
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    if you're US citizen,you don't need to have license from philippines because only a filipino citizen are allowed to take a local board exam.Just apply for NCLEX exam after your graduation.Good luck and God bless.
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    Depends if they are also a Philippine citizen, can be dual citizen and then if the state requires a local license then it may be an issue. However currently I doubt there are many states that actually require a local license but starting point is the BON
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    Guys, these are really helpful anwers. So, I will start with a BON of my choice. Would anyone know which state is lax about/fast in approving applicants to take nclex?

    I have heard different stories of those people who graduated in the Philippines that were required to pass the local boards first. But to me it's not logical and I dont know now which is true. Is there anybody out there that has the same experience recently?

    By the way, I'm not a dual citizen although I'm planning to in the future.

    Again, thanks for all your responses.
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    Ok SilverDragon, BON First for Eligibility, then NCLEX and before all these, I must have graduated first and obtained transcripts.
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    Quote from braveheart70
    Ok SilverDragon, BON First for Eligibility, then NCLEX and before all these, I must have graduated first and obtained transcripts.
    Correct, you need to apply for license with the state BON and they will not do anything until you have a completed set of transcripts. If not a Philippine citizen then you cannot sit NLE so if the state requires it you can just indicate that you are not allowed to sit it and may need to get a letter from PRC confirming this (a few have done this with no problems) once you have eligibility you register with pearsonvue and they will issue your ATT once the BON has OK'd it and you can schedule sitting exam. Look at a rough time scale of 4 months post graduation before sitting NCLEX which is plenty of time to study
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    Thanks a lot Silverdragon! This really cleared things up. Blessings to you!
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    Im from new jersey too, and im in the philippines, just graduated last march. Funny you might even know me. First, you cant apply for the nclex right away, you have to go to and apply for your CES. CES stands for Credentials Evaluation Service. This process takes about 4 months (so while you are waiting for the process, thats the best time to review for your nclex after graduating) Since you are a US citizen, you DO NOT need to take the local here in the phils, they will ask for a couple of requirements. First, you have to print out the documents on and give it to your school. The registrar and your dean have to fill out some info on the print out, and send them your official transcript of records, and RLE breakdown summary. For me, they waived the form that i would have the PRC get filled out, so im guessing they will waive it for you too. You will also need to send them a photocopy of your diploma from high school. Anyway, its about 400 dollars in takes them a while to approve everything..anyway, once they approve your requirements, thats when you will apply for the nclex. Hope i helped! PM me if you have any questions.

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