Siting the rare job opportunities, i am fixed in a situation

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    I am a BSN working in a tertiary level hospital in India (exp. 3 yrs) . . I have applied to few schools in US for the NP (adult nurse practitioner ) programs. Hopefully i will get accepted in one of them. My fiance has already enrolled himself in a M.D. program after clearing USMLE. I recently talked to a friend in US who told me that it has become really difficult to find job openings or Hospitals who are willing to sponsor you after your MSN. I can not shun my plan of coming to US because of my fiance. But on the other hand, i don't want to sit at home doing nothing after my masters degree as nursing as a career is my long cherished dream and passion. I hope i am being clear in stating my problem here. Would appreciate the info or help i get .

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    All you can do is contact employers once you have graduated and using OPT (apply before you graduate) and see if anyone willing to sponsor you
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    I think that is true for nurses but as an NP I think you might have more opportunities. Hang in there....
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    I think what you have to remember is that schools in America exist to educate nurses for their own labour market.

    The US doesn't have to allow anyone the right to work after their education if they are a foreign student.

    You may be able to use your education and passion in the volunteer sector.
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    Rose_pgi. Do not worry so much about the job market. My company is constantly looking for doctors and NPs. Pretty sure the job vacancy is still in place when u finish ur schooling.

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