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Suzanne4, hi! im new in this forum, just wanna ask bout NCLEX licensure in it true that if you apply in vermont you dont need to have a CGFNS/CES evaluation? what states will you able... Read More

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    HI suzanne! I rily need your help!

    I am a Nurse in the Philippines and I just passed my Nclex examination recently last Sept. 16, 2008 for a license in Vermont. I also succesfully passed my Ielts last october 21, 2006. Honestly I have no plans to work in Vermont, rather I am planning to work in New York where in my brother is now working. My question is my Ielts will be expiring very soon. What am I going to do? My brother suggested that I need to finish the requirements for my visa screen application first and hopefully my requirements especially my ielts will be received asap before it expires. Did I do the right procedure?Can I still make it so I would not anymore take again the ielts exam. Also, I am quiet confused on the endorsement of license of Vermont to New York. Please Please give me instructions on how can I work in NewYork even if my license is in Vermont. Do I need to also sign up for a new account on the credential verification service for New York though I have already an existing account made for my visascreen. I need all of your knowledge on this Suzanne! thank You so much!
    You are still looking at years waiting but for NY you still need to go through CVS CGFNS if foreign trained nurse and endorsing. If your IELTS is due to expire then would suggest you get VSC done otherwise could wait.

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