NCLEX California BON Denied: It's Time for a Lawsuit

  1. have you been denied by the california bon for unfair technicalities? i completed my education in the philippines and have been recently denied rn licensure by the cal bon because my cases are out of date. not all of my maternity cases were completed concurrently with the lecture/rle. anyone educated in the philippines knows this is because hospitals are not able to provide cases to all the students the exact time they have their dr/cdr and or.

    patients simply can not be forced to submit for surgeries and have babies on demand to satisfy the academic needs of students, which is why ched has been permitted students to complete their cases in follow-up course work. ched knows it is impossible, and unreasonable to require all cases to be completed concurrently. schools require students to have completed their cases for graduation. as such, ched graduates students, and the philippine regulatory commission licenses rn's in the philippines based on cases completion anytime during the bsn program. this is standard procedure for educating and licensing rn's in the philippines.... everybody knows this.

    i know there must be thousands of international students out there that have been unfairly denied their right to practice nursing in california. what cal bon is doing is unfair, nasty, discriminatory, and in my opinion is illegal and a blatant violation of u.s. citizens and permanent residents civil rights of those educated abroad.

    one must respect what cal bon is trying to do.... trying to protect jobs in california for already licensed nurses because the economy in the pits right now, and the nursing shortage from back a few years no longer exists. however, the way cal bon is doing this is absolutely wrong, unethical, destroying peoples lives, and in my opinion has no legal basis and a clear violation of civil rights.

    if cal bon wants to stop taking foreign educated nurses they should make a formal policy with public notification that california will no longer be accepting nurses educated abroad, either temporarily or permanently due to the saturated job market , or what ever..... cal bon has no such policy..... it is now as it has been, which is to accept international students.

    but cal bon is just looking for technicalities and making up reasons and excuses to unjustly deny students.... they say the cases are out of date, and just stall, endlessly asking for more and more information to deny applicants and frustrate them into giving up on california licensure. nearly all international students are being denied now, unfairly, by the thousands.... cal bon knows they are going to deny international students but they keep collecting fees.... this is such a scam and fraud. they are just stealing people's money. i think the cal bon is acting criminal by collecting fees and generating revenue when they know they are just going to deny everyone.

    some applicants have received their eligibility a couple times already, not passed, have reapplied, and now are being denied. how can the bon be so incompetent to have approved people in the past, and now say they are not eligible?. what about all the fees they have collected, and people lives they are wasting and destroying. this is such a violation of civil rights.

    cal bon has no real policy they follow.... they just keep making up things as they go along, and changing the rules in the middle of the game. not long ago they didn't even care about cases and never asked for them. the cal bon is not even following their own published rules..... always making up new rules on an as needed basis to find ways to deny licensure as they see fit with no regard for the peoples rights their violating.

    there are people graduating from the same schools in the same batch, taking the same courses, completing the same out of date cases, and have been approved and cal licensed, but some caught after this nasty new practice of case dating are denied. how can cal bon justify rn licensing one graduate to let them work now, and yet deny the other graduate with the exact same education, teachers, classes, and out of date cases.... this is cal bon crazy.... and such a civil rights violation.

    there is no excuse or justification... it's convenient discrimination to deny international graduates to protect the california nursing job market because bon has made no formal policy change on accepting international students. this is america!!! there are laws to protect against this kind of discrimination and treating of people unequally... but this is exactly what the cal bon is doing. cal bon's unequal treatment is undeniable... and i think would be easy to prove with discrimination. cal bon needs to be sued!!! and now!!!

    i feel a class action lawsuit should be initiated against cal bon for the civil rights of american citizens and residents they have already violated. i think they should be also sued for lost wages related to denied licensure, as well as our right to be licensed as a california rn.

    it only takes a hand full of people to start a class action lawsuit against the cal bon... and i know there are thousands of you out there just like me. personally, i just want cal bon to stop violating civil rights, set a formal policy on international students and stick to it, and allow us the right we have earned; to sit for nclex-rn.

    what are your thoughts out there nursing grads? am i right here, or wrong? please let me know your thoughts and experiences... should a class action lawsuit be pursued against cal bon??? please e-mail anytime:

    god bless all denied international nursing grads, and all cal bon rn licensed grads too...

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  3. by   BennyRNCA
    Here's one to think about in considering your lawsuit:

    Here's one other reason to ponder:
  4. by   nursel56
    This is AMERICA!!! There are laws to protect against this kind of discrimination and treating of people unequally… But this is exactly what the Cal BON is doing.
    Do US civil rights laws assert the right for foreign or foreign-educated nurses to work here? I had no idea.
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  5. by   morte
    frankly, don't think you have a leg to stand on......the only thing you might have a pray, is the collecting of fees, when lic isn't going to happen. I think the basis of your complaint should be that you get MORE maternity education in the Phil. then in the USA. Can you document the clinical that you rec'd concurrent with the theory, and does THAT equal US schools?
  6. by   traumaRUs
    We are closing this thread as per our terms of service, we do not wish to be involved in ANY type of lawsuit.

    Suing is not something to be taken lightly. As mentioned earlier, it is not YOUR right to work in the US.

    With unemployment still in the double digits in many places in the US, it makes sense to employ US citizens prior to importing foreign-trained nurses.