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I am a Registered Nurse ( Vermont License) and not worked anywhere in US. Currently in Georgia. I am ready to relocate anywhere to get a JOB. I have a Green Card. Anyone please suggest the fast and easy license endorsement... Read More

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    Illinois seems to be very quick if you have all of your information in order.

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    Why you said that they are quick. I am a foreign nurse recently passed RN from vermont state. Applied for Georgia license and taking forever and they asked for CES from cgfns. SO thought instead of waiting for ever, move on to another state and get a job.

    any advises on state selection process and getting a job.

    I am ready to relocate to vermont as I have an active license from vermont BON
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    I just recently endorsed my license from Pennsylvania to Illinois, and once I got all the information to them in a packet according to what they said on their website, it was done in about 2 weeks. Since you have the license in Vermont you could probably do the same thing. I think if you are a foreign nurse they just require you have taken some TOEFL test or something like that, it states it on their board of nursing website. I was also previously endorsed to West Virgina and Ohio for my job. West Virginia was fairly fast, Ohio was slow. Hope the information helps.
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    Vermont is also a very nice state, look at and type in RN and the city you want to live in or even just the state and it will bring up tons of jobs in those areas.
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    Thanks for the info.
    I dont have any experience in States. Being a foreign educated nurse, do they ask for Credentials evaluations from CGFns ?

    Also I tried and not getting a good response or offers
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    Sorry, I am totally new to this. I have a NY state RN license and am having difficulties finding a job here. I am planning to endorse my license to CA since my family is there. Once my CA license gets endorse, do I still get the privilege to apply to jobs in both states since I am still in NY? I don't really understand the idea of "endorsement".
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    Yes, you could take a job in either state. It doesn't really matter which state you have the license in, as long as you have a license in the state you are working in. You can hold licenses in different states if you want. Some jobs if they are in a town on the border of states sometimes want you to have a license in both neighboring states. It's always good to keep a license in the state where your family is, that way, if something happens and you have to return, you can move near them very easily and get a job without having to wait for the state to take their time to do the endorsement, although most are pretty fast now.
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    california was a walk through state as early as this past february. i got my 6 month temp license in hand the day i applied at the board office. however, things have changed now because the live scan fingerprint system doesn't always work and nurses had temp licenses without having a full background check (that actually happened to me and now i have to get re-printed before i get my permanent license). So with cali, if you want to get your temp license in hand the day you apply in the board office, get your live scan fingerprints taken a week or so before and check with the board to make sure it has been received and processed before you make the trek to sacramento.

    for the original poster...i turned in my full application for endorsement into georgia on jun 26 and i just got my license on oct 27. georgia is ridiculous!
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    It depends on the state and what happened last month may be completely different this month. I've been licensed in several; it's a toss of a coin from what others experienced with the same states I did. Compaq states are done online now. If you're applying online, I'd work on the written English. Language and written language is important when documenting in a permanent record. Hospitals are being picky because they can.

    Most offer a temp license but my experience is the regular one comes at the same time, even earlier.
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    California is no longer a walk thru state. You have to file the complete paperwork and wait the 6-8 weeks.

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