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  1. INwannaB

    Core Measures and time per chart?

    We are a small hospital outside Houston. I abstract approximately 90-100 charts a month for AMI, PN, HF, SCIP & OP. We are still using paper charts.
  2. INwannaB

    Where do I go from here?

    I loved being a systems analyst. It was the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I loved the traveling, working with the developers, helping end users. I want so badly to do it again but from a nursing perspective. I have applied to every single I...
  3. INwannaB

    Where do I go from here?

    hi gang, before becoming an rn two years ago, i spent 4 years as a systems analyst at a financial institution. i didn't code or anything but i spent eight years doing the following: attended system development calls and participated in con...
  4. INwannaB

    License endorsements..pls help

    California is no longer a walk thru state. You have to file the complete paperwork and wait the 6-8 weeks.
  5. INwannaB

    100% cotton vs cotton/poly blend-which is cooler?

    Sassy Scrubs makes linen scrubs. Linen is highly "hydroscopic" meaning it rapidly absorbs and gives up moisture. Adsorbing water as quickly as a pond surface, before giving a feeling of being wet, linen cloth can absorb as much as 20% ...
  6. INwannaB

    Heart rhythm deck of cards

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a deck of cards with heart rhythm strips on them? One of the education people at the hospital had them and I want a deck. I have searched Google high and low and can't find them.
  7. INwannaB

    Stupid mistakes!!!!

    We have computer MARS but when you hand write a medication on the paper MAR (that was given over the phone) you are suppose to time them until the next MAR is printed. Well, someone wrote the med order and didn't write in a time so I forgot to give i...
  8. INwannaB

    I feel worse than when I started

    I had to increase my anxiety meds because I am dealing with the same thing. I am at the lowest point in my life right now.
  9. INwannaB

    Stupid mistakes!!!!

    Me too.....I feel like a total failure and so incompetent. The other day, I got confused when someone hand wrote a medication on a computer generated MAR and failed to time the medication so I didn't give it at all. My preceptor told me I should have...
  10. INwannaB

    Does every new nurse need to start on med surg?

    I am in my orientation period on a cardiac unit. Most nights I have any where from 6-8 patients and I am feeling VERY overwhelmed. My preceptor is a smoker so guess where she is most of the time? When I tell her the way I am feeling I get a lecture a...
  11. INwannaB

    Starting IV's

    If your prep comes on a stick, you can mark the vein with the end of the stick (an indent) and then swab it. You can see the mark through the iodine and no contamination. I guess you can make the indent with just about anything prior to swabbing.
  12. I am looking for input regarding study strategies for 1st semester. Nursing Foundations was a breeze (first eight weeks) but now I am facing Adult Care I (second eight weeks) and I think I need to adjust my study habits. For Foundations I answered al...