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    I'm Spanish nurse, I have two years of experience in nursing and scrub nurse postgraduate studies. I want to study for do the toefl and NCLEX exam but before i want know If with my short experienced I could have any posibility to work in Boston as a nurse ( after pass the TOEFL exam and NCLEX)

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    You would have to contact the BON in Massachusetts and they will give you information on requirements and how to apply for a license. If you meet their requirements you will be allowed to write the NCLEX.You would also have to get the work visa required. The current wait for a Green Card is about 6 years.
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    Thread moved for better response to your question.
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    If you check out the MA state forum under the US tab above you will see that many US nurses living in Boston especially experienced are struggling for work never mind a International one looking for sponsorship. Be prepared for the long wait both looking for a employer and a immigrant visa.
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    What does mean BON?Thanks
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    And in which State there are more opportunities?
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    BON= Board of Nursing
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    Quote from ariadna
    And in which State there are more opportunities?
    The job market in the US is as poor as it is everywhere else. There are more nurses than there are positions in most areas.
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    Oops, people say it's better than Europe. Maybe I have to look to Australia or New Zeland...
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    Unfortunately things for the US isn't looking good. Suggest a read up on retrogression as current wait for a nurse once they have met state requirements and found a employer willing to file for immigrant visa is over 6 years.

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