How long the evaluation for RN (NY State) take?

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    Hi Suzanne,

    I'm new here. I am Japanese in US and trying to obtain the NY State RN license. Could you plese tell me how long the evaluation for RN (New York State) take?
    I applied for NY RN licensure and CGFNS Credentials Verification Service for NY State this February. CGFNS received all the required documents and sent them to NY State Board of Nursing in September. When I asked NY State Board of Nursing, they told me that the evaluation would be completed about 3~4 weeks . However I recently found that they even haven't started to evaluate my case. They told me that they are waiting my transcript, which was sent to translator and they have no idea when the transcript coming back.
    Now I am calling them every day and checking my application status but there is no progress and their answer is always the same. I am very confused and frustrated with this situation. I really want to know how long the evaluation process (NY State) should be taken.
    If someont has same experience to me, please tell me how long did you spend for your evaluation!

    Thank you.

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    The problem looks like it was with your school, not CGFNS. CGFNS is required to send all documents that they have received onto NY in six months, even if the file is not completed. If NY is having to wait for the translation, it means that your school did not return the documents before the deadline.

    If they have received everything on time, it usually takes only about four months for you to get approval.
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    Hi suzanne !
    Again a question. I was contacted by two recruiters both of them advised me to endorse my license to NY from CA first. The fact is that I don't have a license in CA. I understand that passing NCLEX does not mean having a license. One of them told me that my NCLEX-rn scores can be transfered and NY will issue me the license on the basis of thet. i followed his instruction and sent the forms to appropriate BON. NYBON has already cashed my check but CA has not yet.
    Today, another recruiter (my friend referred her to me) contacted me and said that even if I have a license in another state, I need a CVS from CGFNS for the endorsement. The CVS was the only reason I chose CA rather than NY, because most of the time my Nursing school does not co-operate. Even while requesting my credentials for CGFNS exam,,I had to travel 300miles and call them repeatedly. I was in the same country then. Now I know it could take months for them to complete and return everything...I just hate that.
    Is CVS really needed for endorsement supposing that I have a license in CA?Can I work on a limited permit in Ny on the basis of my CG certificate?Please suggest me.
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    i emailed NY Bon and yes, for FOREIGN grads, unfortunately they do need the CVS......
    why dont you work in california for the meantime?
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    hi friend
    thanks for your response. i just called nybon and the lady told me that everybody educated outside us requires cvs regardless of their licensure status in usa. i was too stupid to choose cabon to save my time its gonna cost me more time. i live in ny with my family and i don't feel like leaving them and going to ca for work . it is too far from ny. i have a cg certificate so there is a hope. the next option would be i may look for a job in new jersey, it is hardly half an hour drive from my place. let's see...i am still wondering what to do....
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    Quote from jonRNMD
    i emailed NY Bon and yes, for FOREIGN grads, unfortunately they do need the CVS......
    why dont you work in california for the meantime?
    You do not need CVS if you are endorsing. But you are not endorsing if California would be sending just your NCLEX scores to NY. Then you would be going for imitial licensure. You do not have an actual license in California until you have a SSN#. When you get the license from CA, then you can endorse right away. It is done all of the time. But passing NCLEX alone, doesn't give you a license in the US, that is where your issues come in to play.

    Funny thing is that an agency or a hospital can petition for you on the basis of having the Visa Screen Certiifcate, with just passing CGFNS. Then you would have a SSN# and could just endorse. Sorry, but these recruiters have no idea of what they are talking about. You do not need a license in the US to be petitoned. They need to read the rules.

    This is why I do not like many recruiters, they do not know what they are talking about.
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    Quote from jonRNMD
    i emailed NY Bon and yes, for FOREIGN grads, unfortunately they do need the CVS......
    why dont you work in california for the meantime?
    CVS is only for initial licensure, not endorsement. Passing the NCLEX for CA doesn't give you a license without the SSN#, that is the issue.

    Just take a look at the application for NY.
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    suzanne, ah ok.....that makes it clear....thanks =)
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    after exactly 2 months and 1 week after sending my application forms for CVS with the payment, my nursing school just received my fiancee's and my NY notification letters. we will be sending our TOR to CGFNS CVS today

    its a pretty long wait but i hope it would be worth it
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    CABON sent my license information to NY but the representatives of NYSED said that they are waiting for CGFNS to send my CVS. I had applied for licensure by endorsement so I did not send the CVS form to CGFNS. I guess I have to apply for CVS also. Any suggestion?

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