foreign nursing graduate from philippines

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    Hi Im jovie, I am foreign nursing graduate from the PH, now i am here in florida and have my green card, I want to persue my carrer in here in florida but iam already frustrated becuase i dont even know where to start, nobody cant help me how to start my applictaion here for NCLEX-Rn exam.,,,i just want to have a a step by step procedure, some people told me apply for cgfns 1st some people told me i dont need it coz i already have amy visa and ssn...and i am already permanent resident of florida can somebody help me here... pls pls pls i really really need a help

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    hi jovie,
    yes you don't need to take the cgnfs. u can download forms & instruction from florida board of nursing website.....
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    Which forms and instructions.Do i need to have a foreign evaluation of my school and transcripts?
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    jovie, hang around a bit and suzanne or one of the other mods should be around to answer all your questions

    And welcome to allnurses!
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    which form and instruction do i need to down load? its the form that you talking about is the foreign evaluation crediatials? im kinda confused about there requirments... thanks for the reply..
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    Go to the Florida BON website you should get all your info. there, if not you can call the Fla. BON.

    I have called the Texas BON about 20 times the last 6 months, They are there for your service
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    Being a foreign trained nurse you will need evaluation doing and I would recommend CES Full course by course doing from CGFNS as generally required if looking at further education before Florida will look at your file. The only difference is you will not need visa screen certificate but otherwise need to meet requirements for foreign trained nurse
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    Holding a green card means that you do not need to go thru any of the processing associated with immigration, but that is all that is affected. Having a green card does not make any changes what is needed for licensing, and this is where CGFNS comes in. FL BON actually requires a credentials eval for all that have trained out of the US, would recommend that you use CGFNS for the CES and not the others as this one is accepted by all 50 states as well as most universities if you wish to continue on with your training.

    Immigration and licensure are two very distinct items and are not related. Even if you hold a US passport, the CES is going to need to be done. Even if you grew up in the US and then went abroad for nursing school, the same requirements apply.

    1. You need to complete the CES application and have the required documents sent to the BON.
    2. Apply for licensure to the FL BON and please do them in this order.

    You are not required to write the CGFNS exam or complete the VSC, but you must go thru the credentials eval. Much has already been written on what needs to be done so no reason to list it all here again. You can also check out the website for FL BON as they will give you more specifics.

    Best of luck to you.
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    hi i also live in florida...did you already take the nclex?
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    im married to a us citizen, and waiting on my green card. do i need a VSC?

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