Eb3(Immigrant Visa) vs. Working Visa

  1. Hi guys!&nbsp;<br>Just want to ask if you have an idea regarding this one:&nbsp;<br>Is it possible for an employer (hospitals/nursing homes) to apply working visa for a nurse even though the nurse had an ongoing immigrant visa application? Could that be granted for the nurse? hope to hear from you soon! thanks!<br><br>
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Moving to International Forum for more input.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    If you are able to find a employer willing to go the H1b route and you have a immigrant visa on going I see no reason you will be denied however there is no guarantee and it is a risk you take. Probably best to ask a immigrant lawyer
  5. by   louieb
    hi i have a question...

    i was applying at ohio, and i just had my interview last night through skype.. I think my employer is interested to get me.. She asked me what do i need to get there, i said i need a visa, working or immigrant visa.. I just knew that it is better if i choose working visa because it will only take like a year to process unlike immigrant will take several yrs. Am i correct?

    what are the chances of having working visa? do i need or is it better to look for a lawyer to work on papers??? because my employer told me that it was their first time to hire a nurse from different country ( philippines) so it seems like they dont know yet what to do,, i wanted to give them information about these to help them. So anyone here pls help i will appreciate it.thanks
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    also, my license was endorsed to vermont.. what do you think are the steps to do next after i passed the interview?? i want to get everything done.. Thank you so much in advance
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Does the job require BSN and if it does then the employer has to prove that?
  8. by   louieb
    hi silverdragon

    what do you mean it requires BSN? i graduated BSN here in philippines... the employer has the photocopy of my credentials, like the transcript of record etc.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    For H1b the job must be a minimum of BSN and advertises as a BSN requirement. If the Federal department believes that the job can be done by a ADN then they may refuse the H1b
  10. by   louieb
    thank you silverdragon

    so i am a graduate of BSN, would you think im gonna pass the h1b visa? also i have been taking trainings at dialysis center which i believe is a special area.
  11. by   Ginger's Mom
    Quote from louieb
    thank you silverdragon

    so i am a graduate of BSN, would you think im gonna pass the h1b visa? also i have been taking trainings at dialysis center which i believe is a special area.
    Most dialysis centers in the USA only require a RN not RN/BSN. Plus you will not have any work experience, short answer - no.
  12. by   louieb
    Fortunately i just had my interview through skype,, and seems like theyre interested to hire me,, now they will seeand plan what kind of visa is better for me, i suggested h1b visa bxoz it is faster to process everything.. Now my question is am i qualified to have that h1b visa?? I graduated yr 2007, BSN.. I only had 9 months of working experience at the hospital and currently having my dialysis training which i believe is a special area.. Can anyone help me pls.. I need your opinions and any suggestions.. Thanks in advance
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  13. by   louieb
    Hi gingers mom thanks to ur response.. Pls can you elaborate more on these because i have just read that h1b requires bsn and i have that already.. Actually i have an employer in ohio.. Holzer medical to be specific, the hospital administrator was the one who interviewed me and i am hoping that they can help me.. Do you have any suggestions what should i do?? Also to help my employer to give them info. Because this is their first time to hire a nurse from philippines. Thanks
  14. by   louieb
    Do i need to hire a lawyer to settle this?? And aside from h1b whatelse visa is better?? Thanks God bless everyone