University of South Alabama FNP program

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    Hi there! I saw some posts (mostly negative) about USA's FNP program from a few years ago. I may be overly-optimistic in hoping they're improved the program, but I'd love to hear some current comments about this program as well. Thanks!

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    I am a December 2012 graduate of the FNP program at USA and passed the AANP certification exam 1 week after graduation on 1st attempt. The program is very tough and most of my class complained throughout the past 18 months about the amount of work there was to do and lack of "teaching" by the faculty. Hindsight is always 20/20 and now I feel that they must know what they are doing...100% of grads 2011 passed their certification exam; thus far, 65 of 65 that I know in my class who have taken the exam have passed. You have to be very organized and able to work independently...all exams are proctored, which is different than most programs but does lend credibility to the integrity of the program...many students in non-proctored programs use notes and books when they test, not so at USA. I felt very well prepared for the certification exam and found that it was less difficult than the exams we had at USA. All in all, it is a good program, just do not expect any coddling or spoon-feeding because it is not gonna happen at USA.
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    thanks for responding!! a 100% pass rate sure speaks volumes!
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    Hi everyone I noticed that most of the posts here are's now January 2013, I live in New York State and wanted to do the FNP program at University of South Alabama (USA) online... I email the school and got this response:We have recently been notified by your state’s Higher Education Boardthat all education programs including online programs must have approvalby this board prior to citizens from your state enrolling in a program. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to accept you for our DNPProgram. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. If you have an unrestricted RN license in another state other than yourstate, and are able to successfully complete clinicals in that otherstate in which you are licensed, then you may apply to our DNP program.At this time we are unable to accommodate clinicals in your state. Ifyou are not adding a new NP license you may complete the TraditionalDNP program here at USA since clinicals are not required.If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Dr.Rosemary Rhodes, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 251-445-9400.Mary Phillips, PhDDNP Academic AdvisorUSA College of Nursingcondnp@usouthal.eduOffice: (251) 445-9400Fax: (251) 445-9416 Address:College of Nursing5721 USA Dr. N RM 3074Mobile AL 36688
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    Same response for both FNP and DNP program
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    Do you know anything about the USA Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program. I want to take it online but am worried about what appears to be mixed reviews on USA in general.

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    My take on USA--
    The tuition is cheap and the application process is highly simplified. Most likely, there are many applicants who are not cut out for graduate study, especially online where you are expected to take the burden of learning upon yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if USA admits these lower quality applicants, takes their money, and then weeds them out. I saw this in my undergraduate program as they increased the size of the nursing class. Those who weren't cut out for it spent a lot of time complaining about the program. Actually, some of those who WERE cut out for it spent a lot of time complaining, lol. Some people just expect things to be handed to them, and are unable to adapt in the face of change. You need to be flexible to get through any kind of nursing program.

    I'm starting the CNL program at USA this summer. Ask me again next year what I think of the program, lol.
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    ktliz, it has been a year and I am asking what you think about the progam . . . ? I agree with the online student having to be willing to put in the work. I am interested in the mental health NP track and I have been communicating with USA but don't know how it will pan out. I am interested in how you have liked/ endured your program.
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    Sorry, Rhia, I didn't start at USA after all, due to finances. Hoping to start my MSN this fall but at a different school (with the help of tuition deferment!)
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    I understand. Good luck!

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