NP Student Malpractice Insurance

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    Hi all!

    I have read other threads about insurance, but mainly for current practicing RNs and NPs. Can anyone recommend cheap/affordable malpractice insurance for nurse practitioner students?

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    Malpractice insurance isn't the place to count pennies.

    If you get the cheapest you can find, you'll find a policy that has a ton of loopholes that will not protect you the way you need to be protected.

    I would find a reputable company.
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    Do you have coverage now (as an RN)? I suggest you contact the company that is covering you now, explain your situation, and see what they recommend for your circumstances. That's what I did when I was starting a CNS program years ago (my company said I was covered as a student under my existing RN coverage, and there wasn't even an increase in my premiums. Of course, that may be different for NP students).
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    Marsh in Iowa will give you decent nursing malpractice insurance that will cover you as an NP student. I was very pleased with them. They were very helpful.
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    NSO will not cover you as an NP student with your bedside nursing malpractice insurance.
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    NSO WILL cover you though as an NP student, you just need to contact them to get this added.
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    NSO WILL cover you though as an NP student, you just need to contact them to get this added.
    They told me differently when I was in school. I had NSO for literally 20 years but left for Marsh who would cover me for no additional cost.
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    I have NSO for my RN malpractice and they cover me for my Np student practice. It costs me almost an add'l $200/ year for the np coverage.
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    Yikes. Maybe that was the issue, marsh cost me less than $100/yr for nursing liability that included NP student.
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    Insurance is one place that I would not "take the lowest bidder." I work as an FNP for a neurosurgeon and my insurance is about $4000. Mostly because of surgery (RNFA) and small amount of pediatrics.
    Find someone who is an expert at insurance, there are multiple flavors of policies out there. I would recommend not going with the "state minimum." My policy is a 1 million / 3 million. I understand that if you are more so in primary practice this would be overkill. Bottom line... Ask a professional, we go to school to help patients, not obtain insurance policies and contracts.
    Good luck.