New Grad NP's - how long to get licensed?

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    We are thinking of hiring a new grad NP who graduates in May. How long to test and get licensed in general when you move from RN to NP?


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    It depends where you are and how fast your school and the credentialing center processes things.
    I'm in Texas, graduated in Dec., got the authorization to test late Jan. I took and passed boards 2/16. I received my Texas license 3/4. So about 3 months. I had classmates start jobs (orientation) a few weeks ago right after they got their certification, but still waiting on licensing.
    I chose to pass boards and get my license before job hunting and the process seems so slow!
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    Need a job in Fort Worth? LOL!

    This is in Texas so that 3 month time period info is very useful to me.

    Thanks very much!
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    I'm from PA. I graduated in mid December, took my boards 1/31 and got my state license within 10 days. I found out i got my position around Christmas Eve, I think.
    So i was very motivated to pass the boards and get everthing started. LOL
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    Hi, We are thinking of hiring a new grad NP who graduates in May. How long to test and get licensed in general when you move from RN to NP? Thank! Kim
    Are they billing under a physician?

    Insurance company credentialing can take many months.

    The time from graduation to board certification can be a week to a month or more.

    It takes another week or two to get credentialed and licensed from the BON.

    Depending on your state prescriptive authority that can take another two weeks or more for state then a week or more for DEA.

    Count on at least a month and a half minimum for license and prescriptive authority. Then insurance credentialing is a few months after that, if needed.
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    And hospital credentialling can take awhile too
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    Thanks everybody.

    We can bill under the medical director and they can cover hospital stuff also until credentialed. We just want to get them on board ASAP. This is an innovative community program. Really neat, but we are going "live" next month and we need our 4th NP on board asap for training. If you know anyone in North Texas please let me know.

    Thanks again for all the helpful responses.
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    The background checks are what seem to take forever, at least in KY, try to do that thing asap if your able to.
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