Msn fnp interview at duke university

  1. I interviewed today for the FNP program at Duke for spring 2013. Anyone else out there in the same boat?
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  3. by   rgbrn
    Hi rphil77120,
    I interviewed on June 28th for admission to the Spring 2013 MSN program (FNP, distance, full-time) at Duke. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good Luck!
  4. by   rphil77120
    Did you interview by phone or in person? August is a long time to wait!
  5. by   rgbrn
    I interviewed in person. It's about a 4 hour drive for me to get to Durham. I drove there and back in one day. I agree, August is a long time to wait!!
    I thought the interview went well...though I was a bit nervous...and it didn't help that it was 98 degrees outside that day!
    Duke is my first choice for grad. school...but I am also currently working on the bridge program at Western Carolina (WCU). For the WCU program I will have to complete a BSN along the way to getting an it will take at least a year longer (I have a B.A. in Psych. and an ADN in nursing). I still have 2 semesters to take to finish the BSN part of the bridge at WCU.
    Good luck on getting into Duke. Will you be a distance student? Are you planning to do full time or part time?
  6. by   Lnzhec
    I interviewed for fnp spring 2013 as well....have any of you heard anything yet? I was told decisions might be released this week via email....
  7. by   rphil77120
    I will be on campus and full time. I live about an hour away. 4 hours each way certainly would make a very long day. Who did you interview with?
  8. by   rphil77120
    Lnzhec, no, I haven't heard anything yet. That would be great if decisions were released this week, but I thought that they said they would be released in August. How do you think your interview went. I think I was sweating bullets!
  9. by   Lnzhec
    I spoke with admissions office yesterday, since this past week was a holiday no decisions have been made yet. When I was there for interviews I was told it would be two weeks, or middle of July when we are notified, and august 1st is just out there as the last date we should hear by end of next week, beginning of the next...I thought the interview went really well, but I always think that and I'm not always chosen so it's hard to gauge how they are going to figure that into our admissions file.
  10. by   rgbrn
    Lnzhec, thanks for the update from the admissions office. Will you be distance or on campus? Good luck!!

    rphil, I prefer not to name the professor on this message board (I have seen faculty names deleted from other posts by the moderators). I was surprised that the faculty member I interviewed with was a researcher who teaches in the PhD program and not (as far as I understood) part of the FNP program faculty. She was friendly and easy going and put me at ease. If I lived closer to Durham I would prefer to do at least some of the program on campus...but I am used to online classes now since I have been doing an online RN to BSN program. Hopefully I won't have to travel too far to do clinicals. Good luck! Hopefully we will hear something next week.
  11. by   rgbrn
    Has anybody heard anything yet?? This waiting is sooo hard..I've been checking my email every chance I get...but no word yet here.
  12. by   AP0525
    Hi everyone,I interviewed on June 26th. I got an email on July 9th, in response to my inquiry about decision release. They said decisions would be coming out "very soon" when the committee gets everything finalized. So, I'm hoping maybe this week, but by Aug 1st we should know for sure.
  13. by   Lnzhec
    I will be surprised if we don't hear by Friday, but there's not much we can do but to be patient. When I interviewed I asked about the acceptance rate for Spring, and she said it's been around 60%...I'm not sure if that's 60% of the total applicants or 60 of those interviewed, but I like those stats! She also told me not to freak out if I get put on a waiting list...but truthfully I think I'll be disappointed because the chances for a spring start would be slim to none... Just remember, no news is still good news .
  14. by   rgbrn
    No news here. This waiting is torture!! I hope to hear something soon. Anybody have any updates for spring 2013 MSN admission decisions?
    Good luck to everyone who applied! This is the only program I applied to because I really don't want to go anywhere else.