Is this even possible?!

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    Hey guys!

    Just a quick update to my NP life as I am embracing my new status. Still looking for a clinical job here in Florida. I have applied to about 8 jobs per day and the only companies returning my calls are staffing agencies and they can't even place me! 😳 This can't be possible! I would have to uproot my children and my husband would be jobless if I had to take an assignment outside of Broward county! I am totally bummed out over this. I knew it would be hard getting a job as an NP but this is beginning to get out of hand! Is the market that saturated down here already?!

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    What is your NP in? Is there a reason you can't look at counties adjacent to Boward County?
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    FNP. I cant travel too far. The farthest I could travel is Boca Raton and Homestead, Florida. I have an autistic child so uprooting my family will be a negative.
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    I'm unsure what its like in Florida, but I know a lot of jobs are not posted for NPs. Its mostly word of mouth and all about who you know. If I were you I would put together a portfolio and get dressed up and actually walk into some offices or clinics and drop off your CV to the office manager in person. A girl I know did that and she got offer 5 NP jobs in a month . And if not, then start Volunteering! Truly, it would be a good idea to keep your skills up, pick your own days and hours and most importantly, network! The best way to find a job is to have one already, even if its just doing one day a week somewhere for free. Also Look into Homecare gigs and ECFs. Be really specific and deligent with your prayers, and dont lose faith. You may have to start out in something that you actually didn't want to do. But at this point you just gotta get start. Best of luck, inbox me when you get something! Sending prayers your way
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    Tina, that is exactly how it is here in Florida. Word of mouth and networking is how myself and most of my fellow graduates found our positions. I was offered a position with a cardiology group I worked close with in the ICU?
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    Thanks you all for your replies. I will see what I can do as I work as a faculty member full time. I will definitely do some networking.
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    And stay encouraged and studied up! You will be up to your eye balls in patients soon. Im glad to hear your working full time as a faculty member. Thats cool! What do you teach?
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    Currently Im teaching advanced placed LPN-RN program which is very intense. Right now I am preparing for Med-Surg lecture but I also teach Pysch, Coummunity, and Leadership.
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    If your schedule allows, maybe you could join an NP professional association and network there
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    Since you work for a college, do they have a NP ran clinic? If you have a FNp you could work there. My local college is hiring 2 FNP for fall to work part time in clinic and to teach RN classes.

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