How much do NPs in the Southeast really make?

  1. I am a career changer working on prereqs for an ABSN+MSN program to be an FNP. I've been on Glassdoor and similar sites, but would you please share a realistic salary/hourly wage I could expect? I live in Atlanta, but any numbers around the south would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   KeeperMom
    From what I've seen, it varies quite a bit from state to state even in the South. In north and south Alabama, an NP in a larger facility makes around $40/hr but might make more in a clinic. In central Alabama, the hourly rate is slightly higher. That yearly salary is still a good bit above the median income for the state.
    I've heard of higher acuity positions in parts of the state that get as high as $65/hr. Of course, there might also be a night shift differential in a facility, too.
  4. by   Scrubs&Pearls
    Thanks for your response!
  5. by   WKShadowRN
    The average in my area of the grand strand is 85k to 90k a year in clinics but I'm at 120k as a hospitalist.
  6. by   elizabell
    I am a new grad FNP in a metro area of NC and I was offered $90k base for outpatient clinic at a major health system.
  7. by   Scrubs&Pearls
    Thanks! Were you a practicing nurse before getting your MSN? And where did you get your MSN?
  8. by   Scrubs&Pearls
    Thanks. Which would you say is the more flexible route- clinic or hospitalist?
  9. by   NPvampire
    I graduated in 2012 and my offers ranged from $30 hour part-time W2 but no benefits to $55 hour contract work 1099's.

    Full time with benefits seems to run maybe 80 grand/year/40 hour weeks +/- 10% right out of school in today's time.
    Many places won't count your RN experience.

    I do know someone with experience, an NP about 12 years worth, who works inside the prison system in Florida for $145 a year with benefits.

    Depends on your specialty too - endocrinology, dermatology, ENT, etc is much more money than the public health family practice.
  10. by   elizabell
    Yes, I did have 5 years experience as an RN and I received an adjustment for that in my salary.
  11. by   bbcewalters
    I am a new grad FNP with 12 years nursing experience in the ATL. My salary is 100,000 base plus monthly productivity bonus. I must have 150 encounters per month to make base (easily done). If I go over 175 I receive a bonus of $55 per encounter which adds up very quickly.