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Going from a "retiring" certificate to a "new" certificate - page 2

so, its no secret that i'm an adult health cns and that is one of the certifications that ancc will soon be "retiring." has anyone else considered going back to school? i also have a peds cns... Read More

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    Okay - well I contacted several schools and they all said it that it is up to ANCC what would be required.

    So....I sent an email off to ANCC - we'll see.
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    I would wait and see. There is no imminent problem as long as you keep your certification current; these things don't always happen on the planned timeframe so I can't see the point of committing the time and money to do another program unless you do actually have a problem. Can't control for all the "what if's" in life..
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    Agree. I did email ANCC re: what classes constitute changing from the old cert to the new one, but haven't heard back yet.
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    Last thing you need is ANCC retiring the FNP cert too.

    I'm ACNP but I'm also considering doing the FNP post grad cert. I work in a clinic with rounding in the mix, all adult, mostly geriatric. Trauma, you're line of thinking is right along with what I have considered. My reasoning is I don't want to have an "obsolete" certification should future opportunities present themselves.
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    Well still haven't heard back from ANCC.....
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    Surprise, surprise, lol
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    Yep, still no word from ANCC....hmmm....they were very quick to cash my $300 check for recert last year though.....lol