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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD... Read More

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    Its not too bad. There are a lot of NP jobs, but they ALL want experience. Few say they will accept New grads. I just apply anyways. I get lots of calls from recruitors asking me to move all over the place. There are lots of jobs in rural communiites here, agian I would have to move. In the Detroit metropolitian area you have to have experience. There are several hospitals in the area, I have applied to them all. NO call backs. All I can do is shrug my shoulders. I have a second interview for a hospice and I am waiting to hear back from an interview I had for a family practice office. I want to do family practice bc that is what I went to school to do. I will take hospice though because I need to be working. I am tired of nurisng at this point. My heart is not in it anymore. I just want to start my new career
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    Do you know when that thread was posted ,(how to pass the ANCC exam)its so long i probably would have to get all my info from the school for AANP,I already paid for the exam with ANCC and just need to set a date.
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    I saw it on here around May ish when I took my exam. A girl was taking both test and posted two threads. One was her tips on passing the ANCC and the other was a study group for taking the FNP AANP exam. Maybe it was around May 17th or so. It was on the lower part, not in the main part like this. Just type it in the search engine here and you will bring it up. I dont know what that test is like, but I hear its all medicare and policy type questions...that's a hard test. Are you sure you don't want to go for the AANP? I know these test are expensive but the AANP is like exams you had in school...think about it
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    I totally understand. I was starting to feel the same way about bedside nursing. I had been searching for a job for 5 months. Hang in there you will get a job soon!
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    I just hate having to go through all the process of the paperwork,and I already paid for the ANCC,I'm gonna give it another shot and pass this time.
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    Good luck Paul. You will get it this time. Did you pay for their practice test online?
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    Quote from Jane33 RN
    I totally understand. I was starting to feel the same way about bedside nursing. I had been searching for a job for 5 months. Hang in there you will get a job soon!
    Good luck!
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    Thank you!
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    Hello everyone, I saw this site and just am amazed by the support given. Like many, I too have failed. The AANP twice to be exact. I have been very encouraged that I can pass this next test, but I would like for you all to say a prayer for me as well. I have applied to take the ancc exam and hope to hear something soon. I was so upset about not passing the AANP exam. I really need to pass this exam. We have sold about everything and could lose everything if I don't go back to work soon. No one will hire me as an rn because they think I will up and quit when I pass my no boards which is likely. I feel really bad because my kids 4 and 8 just don't understand why we don't have the extra money.My adoptive mom has been so discouraging. She told me yesterday that I would not pass the exam. I told her I will pass because I know god would not have brought me this far just to make it to this point and not be able to go on. I have faith that god will move in this... In his time. Let's just pray it is soon. Please remember me. I will post my testing date as soon as I can. Thanks everyone for being so supportive.
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    Hi aslingtl,
    Welcome to this forum. I felt the AANP exam was very hard! I know just how you feel! Although I have continued to work as a RN while in school and after I know all about your financial burdens. I had to get student loans for school and when I graduated they wanted their money back. So I too struggle financially not to mention that I had to pay for the ANCC twice, AANP twice and I took a second review class that I had to pay for. It was tough and still is because it will be more than a month before I start my new job. I had a family member try to discourage me also but one thing that you must know about God is that He is an on time God!!!!!!!!!!!! Not our time but His time! The devil will use your family members, friends, and enemies to discourage you because he knows what God has planned for you and he will do everything he can so he can make you a nonbeliever and make you want to give up. DON'T GIVE UP and Don't stop trusting the LORD!! You may want to look into the Maria Leik's NP review class. I did the webinar and it was really good. I will be praying for you! God Bless!
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