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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD and Home Course and studied... Read More

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    Tina, I got my letter from AANP (official one). Now, waiting for PES letter. I will be able to schedule my test my end of next week. Good luck Tina !! I am also in for the rollercoaster ride.
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    I really wish to hear about any suggestion or recommendation regarding how to study for exam. Today,I took ANCC FNP cert. and I failed it..
    I heard that some people saying both exams are quite different and it is really hard to say which one is easier and which one is not. I've got 339 out of 350 for ANCC today.
    I am waiting for AANP approval in order to pass. Right now, I am really not sure what to do. Is there any advice for me?
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    I thought the AANP was tough but doable. It is all clinical questions and I had one ethical question. To study for this test get Leik's intensive review. Every question she says to study that will be on the test, know it inside and out because they were ALL on my exam. Get Hoiller's study guide and review book. Learn all those topics. You can do it. Its a bear of an exam, but you can do it. Give yourself 5 weeks of studying everyday for 4 hours or so. I didn't have any exotic questions, everything was straight forward and things I learned in school. Best wishes
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    My best advice is to do Leik's review and use Fitzgerald book. I think the AANP test is a test that you can study for. But I did not feel that way about the ANCC exam. I know just how you feel. Hang in there and you will pass that test. Keep studying and don't give up!
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    Thank you so much for the suggestions.
    Yes! yesterday I was so depressed and I had no idea what to start for.
    I felt so shame on myself.
    However, I realized that I need to set up my mind again.
    Last time, I had Fitzgerald CD's and Leik's review book.
    I decided to buy a APEA unlimited questions at this time.
    I hope these study materials can be enough for me to pass for AANP on next month.
    It is still hard for me not to think about failing again..
    However, I will try my best and give a shot!!!

    I honestly think that ANCC is not a best choice for international NP's^^
    Thank you once again!!!

    p.s oh, one more question!
    I received an automatic email that they received all of my documents about 3 weeks ago.
    How long do I need to be wait for get my approval in average?
    any idea?
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    Any day now. I got my approval like 7 days later. Right now they are swamped with applicants. So just keep looking for the email and letter. And dont feel ashamed about not passing the ANCC. I did not take that one because the types of questions have nothing to do with being a NP. The AANP will be just right for you. Believe me. Did you take the FNP Hesi in school? If so its very similiar to that exam. You can surely figure out the answers. You will do fine
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    I really really appreciate Tinabeanrn!^^
    Your each sentences really encourage me!!!!
    Right now actually I am planning to listen Fitz. CD once again to fresh my mind and also, I am looking to have any questions that I can take through online or either book. I already had Hollier's questions(I bought it as a paper book rather than online).
    Is there any online questions bank that you can recommend for AANP FNP exam?

    I also realized that in AANP website, they do have a practice exam($50) for 75 questions.
    Is there anyone who tried this practice exam?
    I did not take Hesi in my school T.T
    But, I am wondering if this exam questions might be a helpful or not.

    By the way, Thank you once again!!!!!
    I definitely do my best and think POSITIVE!!!!
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    I am gonna send you my number. I want to help you with this some more. Check your inbox.
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    I know just how you feel. If you read my story on this thread you will notice it took several times for me to pass and I passed the AANP exam which I think is a more realistic exam and one that you can study for. I felt the same way but don't be discouraged and don't beat your self up. You will pass that test. Hard work always pays off. Be more determined than ever to pass that test! Replace depression with determination and you will pass! God bless!
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    Get out there, take another review class and pass those boards!!! Remember no one in an interview will ask you: So how many times did you take the boards!!! If you really want it, make it happen!!!

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