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Hello Everyone! I have recently been accepted into the Arizona State University Adult DNP program. I am having the toughest time deciding if it is the right move for me to make. Let me tell you a... Read More

  1. by   Mel_81_99
    Quote from Khalia

    I would like to pursue BSN-DNP but I would like to earn a MSN first and it seems that the only university that awards a MSN in the BSN-DNP track is Duke University.

    Does anybody knows another university that awards a MSN during BSN-DNP track?
    Frontier Nursing University offers a BSN-MSN+DNP. The three options are NP, Women's Health NP, or Nurse Midwifery.
  2. by   Spazzerific9
    I just want to thank everyone for the comments they have left me. I have decided to defer my acceptance until next year and go from there. Gosh, I hope it is the right decision Thanks again!
  3. by   Nurse2long
    "y. When I originally applied to the DNP program I really didn't think that I would get accepted based on only being a nurse for 2 years but I figured I would try anyways. Well here I am accepted for Fall 2013 and still trying to weigh the Pro's and Con's to make the right decision.

    So here are the things I have to take into consideration:

    • I am only 24 right now.....
    • My husband is in medical school and has 2 years left. This is a huge factor in many ways....... When do when start a family? As a nurse my job is so flexible and since I don't have my own patients it's easier to take time off.......As a DNP I'm afraid that I would get sucked into to job and added responsibilities and my husband and I would both be working a lot which is not the type of parent I want to be......I really don't care about having a doctorate degree, or being addressed as Doctor.. .......NP's don't necessarily make that much more than a nurse, so is the student loan debt that I am going to take on worth it in the long run? I think it would be only because I am so young, but it is still sickening to think of.....When we do start having kids I'm pretty sure that I want to just work part time...... My husband doesn't think it's worth it for me to go through all that schooling and only work part time, and is not confident that I would be able to find part time jobs..... I really need the motivation, and honestly since I have never had a break from school the motivation is lacking.....It seems like I have never had time to fully concentrate on myself, start up some hobbies, lose weight and just enjoy life!"

    Sounds to me like you already know the answer. There are hundreds of other applicants that would do anything for your spot and are sure that is what they want. Sounds like you have other priorities that are worthy of your attention. Good luck! Don't feel guilty if you say no :-)
  4. by   DesertRunner
    Hi! I'm applying to ASU's DNP program and saw your post. I'm amazed at how similar we both seem - I'm also a young nurse with a few years of med surg and float experience. I'm interviewing with ASU soon, and just wanted to hear what ultimately helped you decide to pursue the DNP. If I (fingers crossed) am accepted to ASU, and do the DNP, we'd be starting the program together! Hope to hear back from you : )
  5. by   Natira23
    Thanks for your post
  6. by   Acmnurse
    I'm wondering what you decided?? I'm facing a similar decision and would love to hear what you learned from your experience!
  7. by   ASUNAVY
    I know this is old, but did you ever go to ASU for the DNP program? If so how did you enjoy it? It is really difficult to get any info regarding the ASU DNP on here. Thank you.