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    Problem physician

    I say vote with your feet. Hospitals can't operate without nurses. They will eventually have to do something about this guy or deal with a law suit. He is probably not worth that much to the hospital. Meanwhile, you could be quite happy somewhere else.
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    Thanks for presenting the evidence wtbcrna!
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    I agree! Also the BSN-DNP is 90+ credit hours. Not everyone can get it done in three years.
  4. Nurse2long

    UTA vs. TTU. Frontier

    Apply to all of them. It is very competitive!
  5. The GPA is only a part. Balance it out by showing leadership qualities. Also, join your National, State and local nursing organizations because it shows you are involved. Getting great referral letters from credible people will also help. Write a terrific essay and have it professionally edited. Make your essay reflect the program goals. Many programs only look at the nursing classes as far as the GPA goes. Find a school that works best for your individual circumstances. Good luck.
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    To jlmPMHNPstudent, RN, You seem to have very strong opinions about DNPs and online educationalprograms. Do you have any evidence to back up your claims? Also, your profile indicates that you have 1 year of RN experience. Your user name indicates thatyou are a psych NP student. I would be interested in knowing what sort of NP grad program accepts an RN, without a BSN, into a grad program. Are you also unhappy with the standards of your own school too? Maybe you are just an aspiring psych NP. What experience could you possibly have to judge the merits of NP programs? Please present some sound evidence to back up your bold claims.They actually teach you how to do this, as well as critical thinking skills, in grad school, mainly in those fluff courses”. First off, the public is protected from unqualified providers through state law. The states require that NPs pass a National certification test for licensure along with completing an approved educational program that is ‘Nationally accredited' as well as a given number of clinical practice hours with approved preceptors (among other requirements). Who accredits these programs? The CCNE (a branch ofthe AACN) and the Department of Education. The accreditation process is no small feat. You can find the basic highlights by following the link to the following document. http://www.aacn.nche.edu/ccne-accreditation/Standards-Amended-2013.pdf The format that the education is delivered has little merit as long as it meets thestringent criteria needed for accreditation. And after all, this is the 21stcentury. We need to be innovative in the way we educate the new generation.Informatics is where it's at. Online education is here to stay, like it or not,and it is proven to be effective. What difference does it make if you listen tolectures online verses wasting precious time driving across town then lugging a back pack into a crowded lecture room and listening to a lecture next to some annoying dude crunching on potato chips? I am an adult learner and take responsibility and initiative in my own learning. I don't need someone to take roll call. In my program, one of those substandard BSN-DNP online programs, we spend 8 weeks ona beautiful brick and mortar” campus suturing, reading x-rays, doing biopsies, doing check off skills on assessments and protocols, doing live competency exams, listening to lectures in person, engaging in group activities, and delivering tons of presentations so that we can demonstrate we have mastery of the material. We are also required to complete well above the minimum requirements with qualified preceptors in our community learning our trade. This is where the real bread and butter comes in in my opinion. These preceptors also get to decide if your skills are up to snuff. We have a great student-faculty ratio (1 faculty: 2 students), so we get lots of individual attention. Yes it is expensive, but these are the qualities I am paying for.The director of our program is the founder of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. I would love to hear you debate her with your opinions of the merits of online education. I agree that the DNP is misunderstood, until one actually does the research. There has been some unfortunate rumor started that DNPs are bred to be equal to MDs. That could not be further from the truth. The DNP is a practice doctorate, just as the MD, the dentist, the attorney, and others are. This is opposed to the research doctorate or PhD. PhDs generate new knowledge whereas practice doctorates implement that new knowledge into practice and into systems. Until the DNP, no one is at the top of the food chain doing this for nursing because the PhDs are tied up generating the new knowledge. The DNP education focuses on elements that are very well described by the AACN's essentials. The elements are very consistent. The schools design their programs to meet the essentials. This document prescribes the minimal educational requirements for all levels of nursing education. American Association of Colleges of Nursing | CCNE Standards & Professional Nursing Guidelines There is sound reasoning behind the DNP. The educational requirements are being raised for all levels of nursing education and this is driven by the IOM and NIH as well as a slew of other National healthcare organizations. Nursing has not been well represented at the decision making table. The DNP was designed to prepare nurses to sit at the table of these decision makers and stakeholders and design the policies that affect nurses and the quality of patient care delivered. The DNP education does vary somewhat in relation to the specialty chosen. For example, ANP, GNP,FNP, PNP, MSN ed, CNS….etc. Maybe that's why people think the requirements are inconsistent. However, the essentials of the DNP portion are consistent. I find it hard to believe that so many nurses are belittling the efforts of those trying to improve the profession and give nursing a stronger voice and better representation. This is where all those fluffcourses” come in handy (economics, roles, epidemiology, leadership,organizational and management courses, quality and safety, lots of research andresearch translation, EBP, healthcare policy and law, informatics, and advancedbiostatistics …among others.). I can assure you, there is nothing fluffy”about these courses. For those of you that want a more in depth medical education, go to medical school! Or take continuing ed and attend conferences and workshops. I would like to stress that the NPs with a master's degree are not given ample credit and titling for the master's degree on steroids” they have achieved. They are well on their way to having a doctorate and are not being recognized for it. The DNP provides a way for those that want to go a little farther to achieve the recognition they deserve. It does not mean they are substandard to the DNP anymore than an ADN/diploma is substandard to the BSN in the role that they play. The DNP just expands the role to include more skills that can affect healthcare onthe macro level. Nurses everywhere, patients, and even conditions for the opposing MDs will benefit from what DNPs are trained to do, despite all the criticism. It is so comforting to know that we have so much support from our nursing colleagues as we aim to support them in their causes ( sarcastic smirk :-/). What a way to bite the hand that feeds you! No one is forcing anyone to get their DNP. Please don't thwart the efforts of those that want to improve healthcare delivery in America on a higher level and advocate for nursing! As for all you eyerollers”, you are entitled to your opinions. Unfortunately for you, the only vote you're going to get in this matter is the eye rolling until you go out and advance your education so that you can sit at the table with the decision makers. If you want to change what you are unhappy about this is the productive and effective way of going about it. Get the higher education, then you can get a job with the accrediting bodies and decide what schools live up to the standards. And, you could also influence the policies that direct who can be addressed as doctors”.
  7. Nurse2long

    Samford University FNP-January 2014 Start

    Hello, I was accepted for Jan 2014 as well. I am from Texas. We should talk...is there a way to private message on this site? Wonder how many will be in our cohort? Congrats :-)
  8. Nurse2long

    DNP....Is it worth it for me????

    "y. When I originally applied to the DNP program I really didn't think that I would get accepted based on only being a nurse for 2 years but I figured I would try anyways. Well here I am accepted for Fall 2013 and still trying to weigh the Pro's and Con's to make the right decision. So here are the things I have to take into consideration: I am only 24 right now..... My husband is in medical school and has 2 years left. This is a huge factor in many ways....... When do when start a family? As a nurse my job is so flexible and since I don't have my own patients it's easier to take time off.......As a DNP I'm afraid that I would get sucked into to job and added responsibilities and my husband and I would both be working a lot which is not the type of parent I want to be......I really don't care about having a doctorate degree, or being addressed as Doctor.. .......NP's don't necessarily make that much more than a nurse, so is the student loan debt that I am going to take on worth it in the long run? I think it would be only because I am so young, but it is still sickening to think of.....When we do start having kids I'm pretty sure that I want to just work part time...... My husband doesn't think it's worth it for me to go through all that schooling and only work part time, and is not confident that I would be able to find part time jobs..... I really need the motivation, and honestly since I have never had a break from school the motivation is lacking.....It seems like I have never had time to fully concentrate on myself, start up some hobbies, lose weight and just enjoy life!" Sounds to me like you already know the answer. There are hundreds of other applicants that would do anything for your spot and are sure that is what they want. Sounds like you have other priorities that are worthy of your attention. Good luck! Don't feel guilty if you say no :-)
  9. Nurse2long

    2015 DNP

    Anyone proposing to penalize others for pursuing further education seems fearful or threatened in my opinion. I would understand if they did not want to pay the DNP more money if they could hire an MSN for less but this line of thinking does not support the desire to provide a deeper knowledge base for the patients served. Many of these MDs have not investigated what the DNP entails and fiercely defend what is perceived as their territory while ignoring the benefits that a DNP could bring to an MDs practice and the patients. MDs that feel this way should provide specific objections to the curricula they feel is not necessary or inadaquate. Blanket statements and general conclusions are pointless and waste time and energy in this debate. Perhaps they fear eventually loosing their high incomes to DNPs. More than likely, money is at the bottom of this barrel as there was no discussion of what might bring the patients the greatest good. What kind of person would advocate for less education?....a greedy, territorial one ! DNP/ APRNs are here to stay so they may as well learn to live with it at least, and at best, advocate for the curriculum they feel would be more useful.
  10. Nurse2long

    What is the Problem?

    Yes! more education!
  11. Nurse2long

    What is the Problem?

    Well no, I wasn't a CNA or LVN/LPN... Started as an RN, then BSN and now working on DNP. I think starting as a CNA then working your way up is the best way however...you would gain valuable experience! I wish I would have done it that way.
  12. Nurse2long

    What is the Problem?

    I think it would be helpful in this situation to involve the CNAs in the decision making and planning of care for the patients and see them as valuable team members. I find CNAs can share great information related to their observations and relationship with the patients. I have had great working relationships with the vast majority of CNAs in a variety of settings. It is important to be a leader and offer respect to all members of the healthcare team. Sometime you have to give first to receive mutual respect in return....and I am not saying you are not doing this already...just persist :-) They really do have a tough job and so do the nurses. It can be a stressful work environment and I think sometimes they may feel like they are the low man on the totem pole and have no input. Sometimes we, as nurses, are stressed ourselves and may interpret someone's behavior as rude when they may just be overwhelmed or overworked. Communication is the key...Just ask them if everything is ok and get a conversation going. Don't wait on management to fix it because it probably won't happen. On the other hand, I am sure management would welcome any ideas or solutions that would improve teamwork and co-worker relations. You could score points with management if you are innovative and solution oriented. Better to just communicate I think....Best of luck.
  13. Nurse2long

    TTUHSC FNP Fall 2013

    I got accepted to Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions BSN-DNP/FNP program for this fall. They are new but accredited. According to my research, they are an exceptional school and based on my contact with them so far I am very impressed. I am glad that I got into this school instead of TTHSC. I am not going to waste precious time on re-applying to TTHSC. Things happen for a reason....this will be better in the long run for me. The DNP will be done and I will never have to go through this application process again. They have an excellent curriculum and I am excited! I will be well prepared. You can still apply until July 23 if anyone wants to give it a shot.
  14. Was wondering if anyone was admitted to RMUoHP for fall entry for the BSN to DNP/FNP program and would like to connect?
  15. Nurse2long

    A Time to Heal

    I too was touched by your post. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share.