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To moderators: I thought AN was going to give us a new tab called APRN advocacy. I just got an email from Connecticut Nurses Association about some pending legislation to not require a collaborative agreement with physician... Read More

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    @PatMac10-- if North Carolina recognizes CNS as APRN, do you know if they allow CNS to prescribe. I do locum tenens and NC often has jobs.
    No. CNS do not prescribe here. I'm not sure if they can even make a diagnosis. From what the NPA says they work solely in a role of a educator/expert clinician in their particular population focus. You can look up the role description on the NCBON website. The way they have their role described in the nurse practice act isn't particularly well explained in my opinion. Feel free to PM with any other questions. I don't want to hijack this thread. Lol.

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