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Hey, I am not in nursing school yet, but I like to plan ahead and would like to choose my specialty. Currently, I have a BA in psych and am thinking of doing psych nursing. However, I am not incredibly outgoing, even though I... Read More

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    Quote from aura_of_laura
    Psych isn't all about therapy and touchy-feely stuff. It's about keeping your patients safe when they can't (or don't want to) do it for themselves. Depending on the setting, it's highly physical, and you definitely give your share of injections and get splashed withenough bodily fluids. I've been spat on, (intentionally) bled on, vomited, urinated, and **** upon, had used feminine products thrown at me - washed my hair at work more times than I can count! And don't forget the death threats and insults upon one's person. But I wouldn't trade psych nursing for anything, because I really love this population.
    Little late replying but EXACTLY!
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