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I don't really have any complaint with the CIWA protocols, I am grateful they exist and enable me to sorta get a handle on the ETOH'ers when they decide it's time for withdrawal. It's a lovely thing. What I really dislike are... Read More

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    Ok, old I know, and I surely understand the frustration. No one wants to deal with a nasty psychotic, no matter the reason they are psychotic or behaving bizzarely. I am an inpt psych nurse and we have a VERY nasty psychotic pt that is verbally abusive and threatening to staff AND other patients. When she's cussing you out for the thousandth time, yeah it gets old real fast.

    My concern is how the mentally ill/addicts are treated on medical floors. I have seen (more than once) this phenomena among somatic caregivers. If its an elderly person with an anti depressant, its one thing, but if its a younger person on any psych med, or on multiple psych meds no matter the age, they are immediately discounted as "the psych patient" and immediately everything is all in their head. It's a known fact that the mentally ill die 25 years earlier than the general population, and a lot of it is substandard medical care. A lot of them are diabetic through no fault of their own. Some of the meds cause it.

    I am bipolar type 2. Granted I am a very functioning bipolar, but I'm on a cocktail of meds to control it. I don't drink or do drugs. My only vice is smoking. With negative attitudes toward the mentally ill so pervasive, it worries ke how I might be treated if I ever had to be hospitalized on a somatic floor. As soon as someone sees antidepressants and anticonvulsants on my MAR, I don't want to be treated as "that psych patient"
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    Everyone has days when they've had it up to -here- with their job and everything it entails. You can know you're being unreasonable and illogical, but having a good whine and a break can make everything right again. It doesn't mean the OP is a horrible nurse, or disrespectful, s/he just had to get the poison out, and move on.
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    Thread has run its course. Thanks for the links re CIWA protcoals.

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