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CNAs sleeping on the job... What can I do as a new nurse?

So... I've work at this facility for two years as a CNA and I just recently (one month ago) passed my NCLEX and transitioned into the role of RN. So I've known the bad habits of my...

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Student loans killing me!! stressed!

Hey guys, so im in a ton of student loan debt about $110k to be exact. Found out last week debt of edu disqualified me from the loan forgiveness program TWO years ago despite turning in all my...

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Can you give a lesser dose than prescribed without an order?

The pt asked to receive 2/3 of the dose of celexa and when I asked the provider for an order he told me "the patient has the autonomy to take whatever dose if he wants too" and did not want to change...

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Last week on preceptorship

So, this week coming up will be my last week on preceptorship. I am soooo nervous to be alone, which I am sure everyone is at first. With that being said, I decided to jump on here and ask some of...

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Doctor Hiring NP's

Hello, Confession, I'm not an NP, I'm a DO and in the last year of a Family Medicine residency but I have been working on opening my own practice but had a few questions I was hoping to get some...

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Pregnant in nursing school

Hey everyone! So I got accepted into the nursing program and started my first semester of a five semester program this past spring. (Only 1 class- fundamentals). Well, last month I found out I...

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It's your fault that my child broke her glasses!

*Do not post on facebook* Basically yeah, parent just started to yell at me on the phone because LD broke her glasses and it's her third pair. Mother was ranting that she wants to talk to the...

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Essential oils in hospitals

I have issues with other nurses on my floor using copious amounts of oils to where you can smell out which direction they went 5 mins after they left! Our hospital has a low/no fragrance policy but...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

1 RN to 45 patients-should I leave?

Dear Nurse Beth, I wanted to ask for your opinion. I've been a RN for a little over a year. Currently work in healthcare/assisted living at a nursing home. I love working third shift. I don't work...

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Grading system.points back

I know this is our school's policy, but I don't think its fair. Our school's policy for passing each class is 90%. If we get an 89%, it's a straight up fail. One way we can help our test grade is...

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Help :(

I'm not sure if I'm asking for advise or just venting but a recent interaction with a man, relationship is becoming more serious and grounded with time may be taking me up to North East Texas. I'm a...

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Kicked out of nursing school, I don't know what to do now

I just found out I got kicked out of the nursing program at hunter. I was a sophomore with two years left to go. I really don't know what my options are right now. Hunter has ruined my gpa and I've...

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How soon is too soon to quit a new nursing job!

Hey everyone ! I just switched from labor and delivery to critical care and I realize I made a mistake. I am so unhappy in critical care and this experience just made me realize I am happy as a labor...

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Verbal abuse from a TBI patient

I work home health as one of my jobs and I have a client who has a brain injury from asphyxiation. He can hold conversations, he has ok memory. He's also a quad and requires everything done for him....

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Should I appeal?

A few weeks ago, I was informed that I would fail Med-Surg clinical. At the time the semester was still ongoing, although clinical had ended by then. At the time, I was also passing the theory...

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Castlebanch drug testing facility

Hey everybody! Quick question....have any of you used castle branch drug testing facility for your drug test to be admitted into your schools nursing program? Just wondering if the urine test will be...

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Non compliance?

I'm just curious what you all think... I have a colleague who insists that when a patient is noncompliant regarding their diet, (diabetic CHF etc.) even when we document and alert the provider...

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when to give Amiodarone

Hi, I understand that this med comes in 200mg (oral). Some pts take 200mg, some take 400mg. Anyway, it is a med to control heart rhythm right, for pts with s/s of A-fib? Can anyone explain if...

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Balance between school and work?

Were any of you able to go to school (FULL-TIME) and work (PART-TIME) at the same time? How did it affect your academic grades? I'm trying to get a $10K scholarship at a private university. If I work...

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Requesting to be laid off?

i am a home health nurse and recently had a baby. I've been on maternity leave since november and am due to go back to work in june. i was contacted by my employer about a month ago and was told that...

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